All My Children BREAKING NEWS: BAM Reunites For Hilarious Web Soap!

Okay THIS looks like a winner! All My Children‘s Eden Riegel is starring in a new You Tube web series called Imaginary Bitches. The premise revolves around a young woman who finds herself  alone as all of her galpals break off into various couplings, so she decides to make some new BFF’s, only they don’t really exist! The series premiering May 2 also stars Riegel’s AMC love interest Elizabeth Hendrickson and Hendrickson’s Young and the Restless costar Greg Rikaart. The future is here and it looks like it’s online! To find out more about Imaginary Bitches click here.

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    OMG Bianca just said bullsh*t! LOL! This looks like fun! I love all the AMC Alum. Eden, Elizabeth and Connie were all great. And I remember Brooke Nevin back from when she was on Animorphs lol! Thanks for the info! I can’t wait to watch!

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    Wasn’t there a rumor out there that AMC was trying to get Eden to come back? If so, wow – she chose this over AMC…

    Now that’s funny.

    This actually looks like it has some promise to it – I wish them all well…

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    Well, the way AMC is going at the moment ratings wise, it may not be the bad way to go. If this venture for Eden and Co. make headway, this just might be the future of soaps in general.

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