Wishful Casting: Go East Billy Warlock, Go East

With his wife Julie Pinson (ex-Billie, Days of Our Lives/ex-Eve, Port Charles/ex-Shiloh, Young and the Restless) heading East to assume the role of Janet Ciccone on As the World Turns, industry observers can’t help but wonder if and when Billy Warlock (ex-Frankie, Days/ex-AJ, General Hospital/ex-Ben, Y&R) will pop up on one of the New York-based sudsers. Any of the four Gotham-based soaps (All My Children, One Life To Live, ATWT or Guiding Light) would definitely benefit from an actor of Warlock’s caliber, so this Wishful Casting session is dedicated to helping daytime’s answer to Michael J. Fox land a new gig.

A Chandler Homecoming on All My Children?

Ricky Paull Goldin is soon to make his first appearance as the youngest Martin son Jake, so that All My Children clan seems to be in good shape, meanwhile the Chandlers could definitely use some fleshing out. Why not bring Warlock on as Stuart Chandler’s long missing adopted son Scott?

Scott Chandler was last portrayed by Forbes March who, granted looks nothing like Warlock, but as Warlock proved by replacing Sean Kanan as AJ on GH, he is more than capable of making a role his own, even when he couldn’t be more phyiscally dissimilar to the role’s originator. Besides March wasn’t exactly memorable in the role (although he is amazing as Nash on OLTL) and the fact that it’s been years since Scott was in town would make it easy for Warlock to recreate the role.

Dorian’s Buchanan Toy Boy Gets A New Face On One Life to Live?

Rumors have been bandied about for weeks that One Life to Live is bringing back Joey Buchanan with talks of ex-Days stud Brandon Beemer as the front runner. As big of a Beemer fan as I am, I think he’s a bit young to be Natalie and Jessica’s older brother. I’d much rather see him on Bold and the Beautiful as Thomas (come on Mr. Bell, sign the guy already!). Whereas Warlock would be a perfect Joey. He could lure disgruntled fans who feel his GH character AJ got the shaft into watching GH’s timeslot lead in.

Warlock hasn’t been given a role worth his considerable talents since his original stint on GH. Can you imagine what he could do with a juicy, well-crafted storyline penned by Ron Carlivati? I for one could definitely go for a Joey/Gigi/Rex triangle.

A Thorn In Bizzie’s Side On Guiding Light?

I know a lot of Daytime Confidential regulars don’t want to see any of their favorite actors end up on Guiding Light in its current state (which if that isn’t a sad tell tale sign I don’t know what is), but they have to do something to fill their leading man void. I would love to see Warlock turn up in Springfield as an old friend/rival of Bill Lewis who takes an interest in Lizzie.

GL could team Warlock’s character up with Ava to come between Bizzie, which would of course increase the budding supercouple’s desire for one another and give the fans even more reason to root for the couple and  a pair of wicked schemers to yell obscenities at from their couches, as opposed to the handheld camermen.  If that suggestion doesn’t work, they could pair Warlock with Ava’s Mommy Dearest Olivia. It’s high time Crystal Chappell was given a leading man and a storyline of her very own and Warlock could be just the man to make that happen.

Could Warlock and Pinson Carpool To The Studio At As The World Turns?

Last but not least is As The World Turns where Warlock’s real life lady love is heading. In recent times ATWT has gone a bit recast crazy. Little rhyme or reason has been given to the essence of the characters during recasts of late on the show.

Horny slacker Chris Hughes came back as an uptight pretty boy who I swear graduated from the Antonio Vega school of mad face acting. Once bubbly airhead Alison Stewart returned a nosy, meddling Velma from Scooby Doo.

Casey Hughes came home resembling He-Man from the old Masters of the Universe cartoon, but then I guess that was better than when his big brother Adam, the once sensitive budding film student, came home a weirdo perve who poor Maddie and Gwen had to bury alive in a swamp. 

That being said, last week’s worth of ATWT’s episodes were so good that it restored my faith in the show. Warlock would be a great addition, especially if paired with Emily Stewart. Bless Kelley Menighan Hensley’s heart she hasn’t had a romantic pairing worth a damn since Hal Munson. I hate seeing one of my favorite characters on the soap obsessing over the likes of Chris Hughes. Warlock could play a corporate raider specializing in faltering tabloids and loopy blondes who buys up controlling interest in Emily’s rag. Just so long as it doesn’t involve a wooden puppet it just might work!

As I mentioned earlier in the post, any NYC-based soap that lands Warlock would be lucky to have him. So in the interest of keeping one less reel life soap couple from racking up frequent flyer miles I encourage the East Coast Soap Powers That Be to hook the talented Warlock up!

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    Lisa K.

    Oh jeepers Jay…you summed it all up for me! LOL. Billy Warlock is one of my all-time favorite soap actors and it’s so unfortunate how terrible GH had destroyed his character AJ Quartermaine again just to prop up the mob story again. Also it saddens me that Days had a perfect opportunity to use Warlock’s tallents when he came back to the show as Frankie Brady after many years absence but only to further prop up the storyline between Jack & Jennifer. Such a waste of great tallent! Oh why didn’t Days use him further…how I missed him at Shawn Sr.’s funeral.

    That being said I love your ideas on what roles he could take in NY. AMC really needs a good kick in the pants the way it treats its stars but I do love the idea of him playing Scott Chandler…he’d be great as a corporate raider-type like Adam but have the heart & soul as Stewart….so much potential there!

    And then I really love the idea of him playing the new Joey Buchanan on OLTL….excellent idea! His age fits well with the role, he’d star fantastically next to Dorian and IMO really give David a run for his money! LOL

    ABC if you’re smart sign this man right NOW!!!!!!

  2. Profile photo of Trudi

    He’d be great as a young corporate raider that is going after BE on OLTL. I’d love to see him mix it up with Jared and Natalie, in more ways than one (hee hee).

    If Ric Hearst isn’t available, he’d also be great as Alan Michael Spalding on GL.

    Those are the only two soaps I watch, so that’s all I’ve got.

  3. Profile photo of THEBEST

    J, God, you should have been a Casting Director!!!!!!!! Olivia being paired up with a Billy Warlock character wouldn’t be that bad. It’s been YEARS since they played siblings on Days. Look, Julie Pinson is playing Brad Snyder’s ex. Can you picture Austin & Billie playing exes? LOL.

  4. Profile photo of daisyclover1938

    And this is why I love you Jay!! YES YES YES to all of your ideas!! Billy Warlock is one of the most underappreciated actors on soaps…he can pull of anything: good guy, bad buy, somewhere-in-between guy, and is totally believable in all those roles.

    I waited 15 years for him to come back to DAYS, and they chose to only use him as a temporary spoiler for Jack/Jennifer. What a missed opportunity! Frankie’s a lawyer, couldn’t they have brought him back to work with Mickey and EJ??!! :(

    Okay anyway, all of your ideas are great. Wherever Billy goes, I’ll follow. I LOVE HIM!! Yes, in a very obsessed, stalker-ish way :D He’s just too great not to be working!

  5. Profile photo of jeopardy

    So Jay are you going to be upset if Billy ends up on OLTL or AMC since he was AJ on GH? If all the soaps on ABC are supposively in the same universe doesn’t that violate some rule of yours?

  6. Profile photo of Jorpa

    Spaulding love or not, don’t ruin Billy Warlock too! Geez, every character that returns to GL gets ruined. Even the actors themselves can’t be wanting to go there. I’m sorry, but I just don’t want to see the great actors/characters get annihilated on GL anymore. TPTB can’t handle it. Leave GL alone til we get rid of EW and DK. Then we can think about improvements.

  7. Profile photo of nathan77

    Add me to the list of those who in any other circumstance would like to see Warlock as Alan-Michael. But the way the show is now, the thought scares me, considering Michael Dempsey, the last guy to play A-M, was pretty darn good, but they canned him because he didn’t have “chemistry” with any of his leading ladies. No, it was bad writing, and putting A-M with Marina, who he once thought could have been his kid, that did the character in. Something else to thank Ellie and Davie for.

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    Jamey Giddens

    Foxy I was such a Sonny and Carly fan for so many years when Billy was on as AJ that I must admit I loathed the character, but I always thought Warlock was kick ass in the role and was abhored when he was killed off. You do NOT kill off the son of a core couple whose very conception was one of the soap’s biggest storylines. It was ridiculous. Plus now the current storyline on GH has my Sonny love fading faster and faster! LOL

    As for Frankie Brady, he was one of my favorite 80’s characters and I loved it when they brought him back in the 90’s to reveal he was a Von Leuschner and Carly Manning’s brother (oh ick, I just thought of that, he and Crystal Chappell did play a pretty believable brother and sister on Days, now I want them hooked up on GL, LOL Oh well, it’s the soaps!). His pairing with Charlotte Ross who played Eve was outstanding. I had such high hopes when they brought him back to Days the second time, but as with Jack, Jenn. Carrie, Austin and sad to say even Patch and Kayla Days botched a return that should have been money in the bank. I think Days was in some kind of sick competition with AMC to see just how many once popular characters they could dismantle.

  9. Profile photo of Jamey Giddens
    Jamey Giddens

    Trudi I so agree with both of those suggestions. I almost put Alan Michael, but since I just did the post about Hearst a few days ago, I didn’t want to drown you all in my Spaulding love LOL.

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