Daytime Confidential #225: Brandon Beemer Interview

On today's special edition of Daytime Confidential Luke and Jay visit with Brandon Beemer about his role as Shawn Brady on Days of Our Lives.

We talk about what it was like, as his first major soap role, to portray the son of soap royalty Bo and Hope Brady and work with Kristian Alfonso and Peter Reckell. He talks about Days of Our Live's big plane crash and what it was like for Shawn and Belle to spend so much time on the run.

He shares with us how he and Martha Madison found out that Shawn and Belle were being written off the canvas and who he would have liked to have more scenes with had he had the time.

We ask him about the online rumors that he may end up at One Life to Live or Bold and Beautiful and what other projects he may have in the works. He talks about Samantha's Friends, a wonderful charity that seeks to help youth, challenged by catastrophic illness, gain independence with the assistance of a service canine.

Be sure to visit drop by Brandon Beemer's Official MySpace profile and leave him a comment and keep up on his latest appearances.

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18 November 2007
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2 years 39 weeks

I am so proud of you guys and this site I remember a time when Lisa said you would never get an interview and look at you now !! I truely respect Brandon Beemer and I am so mad that he left. Great podcast and interview!!!

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22 January 2008
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5 min 2 sec

Thanks Jammy! Brandon is an awesome guy!

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11 December 2007
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1 week 23 hours

I hope he turns up on Bold and the Beautiful.

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14 November 2007
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3 years 49 weeks

Great interview guys!! BB is such a talented and charming actor. DAYS' lost is another show's gain!

BTW, Luke, I cannot believe you went there with Philip's leg!!! That was hysterical! LOL!!

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26 November 2007
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5 years 32 weeks

Brandon was a class act. Lots of fun and a good look at his time on Days.

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22 August 2007
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7 weeks 2 days

Great interview guys!