Childers Out As ALL My Children’s Colby; Was A Recast Necessary?

It appears the rumors were true. is reporting that cutie Ambyr Childers is out as All My Children‘s Colby Chandler. The role is being SORASed with 25-year-old daytime newcomer Brianne Moncrief assuming the part in order to ramp up the potential for a Colby/Frankie (Cornelius Smith Jr) pairing.

According to her bio, Moncrief is a performing arts grad from Fordham University and while I suppose its nice to see a daytime casting decision based on acting training as opposed to if someone can "strike a pose" and "give good face" (re: Madonna’s "Vogue") I have to say I am not pleased to see the spunky Childers go. She has held her own with the brilliant David Canary (Adam/Stuart) for two years and this is the thanks she gets?

What do you think? Was it absolutely necessary to recast the role with an older actress to make a pairing with Frankie more acceptable or was Childers perfectly capable of playing out the storyline?

Childers Out As ALL My Children's Colby; Was A Recast Necessary?

  • No way!. Younger women fall for older guys all the time, besides Childers and Cornelius Smith Jr) have crazy heat! (91%, 572 Votes)
  • Yes. If they are really going for a Frankie/Colby pairing they needed an older actress. (9%, 59 Votes)

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  1. Profile photo of tgable07

    What I don’t get is why they didn’t test the waters with Frankie & Amanda first because chrishell strause’s quota is 1 maybe 2 scenes a week but, colby could always have more scenes because she is from a core family and maybe they could have brought in someone young and hot for colby. Im pretty Jay would have some suggestions as far as casting

  2. Profile photo of Jamie

    I agree with tgable07. Crishell needs some more scenes. She’s a great actress and I love the character of Amanda. I say she should hook up with Frankie, and then Colby could have had a triangle with Dre and Cassandra.

    I wonder how old they plan to age Colby now. Isn’t JR supposed to be only in his mid-twenties?

  3. Profile photo of DS9Sisko

    Actually, I liked the Colby/Frankie dynamic. There was so much room for potential conflict, growth and humor that included the age differential that I don’t see the necessity of aging the character.

    Young Miss Childers has been excellent as Colby and grew very much as an actress during her time on the show. I don’t like this turn of events, but I wish both Ambyr well and the new actress, Miss Moncrief, the best of luck.

    “The truth is just an excuse for lack of imagination.” – Garak, Deep Space Nine

  4. Profile photo of ABCJunky73


    That is such a shame. She is such a great actress. I don’t see why they needed to recast her… OH Yea! This is AMC, we don’t know what they are doing anymore over at that soap! I hope OLTL or GH picks Ambyr up! A True talent was just wasted!

    ABCJunky73…..Loving the soaps since 1973!!!

  5. Profile photo of atirllorrac

    While I love Ambyr and I think she certainly held her own with Adam, if they are planning to pair her with Frankie, I think they need an older actress. Frankie has a child with Mia, and he has served in the war. I think he is supposed to be about 25. Colby, currently, is only 18. She hasn’t even finished high school yet.

  6. Profile photo of THEBEST

    This is crap and AMC knows it! I liked Amber’s version of Colby with Frankie. Every time I read something about this show, it’s NEVER good. What the hell is going on over there?!!!!

    ***///Living In The World Of Soaps Since 1985\\\***

  7. Profile photo of williamjc

    I always said I would have rather had a Frankie Amanda pairing. And exactly HOW is this going to play out? It would’ve been one thing for Frankie to have hinted that Colby was too young but he came out and said it! Plus when are TIIC going to address Frankie’s child and Mia?

    Since they didn’t pair Frankie and Amanda, why not bring in the new actress to play Mia? Then have a triangle and see who has heat with whom?

  8. Profile photo of THEBEST

    That’s what made it interesting to watch, Jay, the age difference. You can’t help who you’re in love with. Now, we have to get used to yet another newbie. :sick:
    Ambyr is about 19 or 20, so they could have just SORAS’d her to 21 without a recast. There are no other teens in town that she hangs with so we would’ve believed it. Dre is obviously not in high school.

    I can picture Amanda with Frankie because if Liza isn’t around, what’s really the point of pairing him with Colby? There isn’t any conflict. Nobody likes Adam, so that doesn’t count. The real problem would have been with Liza. I would pay cash money to see Debbi Morgan & Marcy Walker in a catfight. :)

    Like I said, before getting Sean Montgomery from nowheresville, they should have just aged Petey and paired him with Colby. Adam’s daughter & Palmer’s son equals supercouple potential. JHC, BE, & JMB are idiots! Frons can worm his way back into my heart by getting rid of these fools.

    ***///Living In The World Of Soaps Since 1985\\\***

  9. Profile photo of marceline

    I liked the vibe between Colby/Frankie but the age difference, or more accurately the maturity difference, created an ick factor for me. I hope nu-Colby and Frankie have chemistry to back up this decision.

  10. Profile photo of THEBEST

    What was so icky? She’s legal, and he’s only 25. It happens all the time. I can see if he was like 32.

    ***///Living In The World Of Soaps Since 1985\\\***

  11. Profile photo of verde1984

    i’m so bummed that she’s leaving; she’s great as colby and she and frankie had great chemistry. i will give the nu colby a chance though; sounds like she has good training – i just hope the chemistry is there. i agree that amanda needs something beside fusion to do, but i really liked frankie with colby.

    hey, on a related note – now that ambyr’s out at amc, anyone else think she’d make an awesome serena baldwin on gh? i think she would do well and she could probably play older if she had to.

  12. Profile photo of DS9Sisko


    We more or less agree on this issue. I don’t see the huge deal about a 25 year old man dating an 18 year old, especially one as sensitive and good as Frankie!

    While AMC is a totally different soap, one of the most popular soap pairings in the last 10 years was Lucy & Dusty on ATWT. Wasn’t she 15 and he 49? (I kid! I kid!)

    And on B&B isn’t Eric just shy of the fourth renewal of his AARP card as he boinks adolescent Donna? (I kid!…kinda….)

    I just don’t get this rationale about how Colby (who said on the air she was about to turn 18 on the show, soon to be SORASED with a new actress…how is that going to work?) is “too young” for Frankie.

    “The truth is just an excuse for lack of imagination.” – Garak, Deep Space Nine

  13. Profile photo of dirksunboy

    Well, Ambyr states on her blog that is was HER decision to leave, to pursue other interests. I get it that AMC sees the potential in the Hubbard’s son dating Liza’s daughter (at least that’s a good nod to AMC’s history), but without Liza on the canvas, what’s the point? I’d rather see Colby mixed in with Dre, Cassandra and Petey (where the HECK is he anyway??), and Frankie mixing it up with Amanda. That would be hot!

  14. Profile photo of binksfan999

    Even though she says it was her decision to leave, I find it real difficult to buy that. What probably happened is that TPTB wanted to go with the Frankie/Colby romance thing, but a ton of backlash happened, so they decided to get rid of Ambyr, and bring in someone older.

    Bottom line, this is a bunch of crap.

  15. Profile photo of Ryan

    This makes me really annoyed. Why do they always have to force relationships?

    If the age difference wasn’t going to work, then bad luck, find Frankie someone new instead of SORASing Colby.

  16. Profile photo of THEBEST

    Please! It wasn’t Ambyr’s decision to leave. I really think that they fired her. Those idiots. God, when is AMC going to finally get it, when the ratings sink to a 1.2?!!!!

    ***///Living In The World Of Soaps Since 1985\\\***

  17. Profile photo of dirksunboy

    Yeah, AMC seems to be stuck in the ‘one small step forward/10 HUGE steps back’ mode now. I’ve been watching this show since I was a kid in the early 80’s, and while there have definitely been some rough patches, the show has never been worse than it is now, IMHO.

  18. Profile photo of syrus

    This is the second time AMC has done this. Sabine Singh’s Greenlee had chemistry with Aiden but now the “recast” (Miss Budig) and Aiden aren’t good together.

  19. Profile photo of dirksunboy

    You know, I’ve been thinking this reminds me of the whole Taylor Roxbury-Cannon recast back in the day. Ingrid Rogers had been playing the part, very well, for a couple of years, but when AMC decided to have Taylor drive a wedge between Noah and Julia, Ingrid was out for not being ‘sexy enough’ and Kelli Taylor was in. I always thought Ingrid was much better.

    Not to say some recasts aren’t needed! Anyone remember the horrible “original” Dixie? Yikes!

  20. Profile photo of THEBEST

    AMC & GL are extremely disappointing now. Why don’t the networks realize that the writing on these shows blow chunks? I truly believe that it’s going to take a HORRIBLE event like with Days (John’s “death”) to get the shows back to where they need to be again. If the rumors of Opal’s death (God forbid) are true, it may just drive the fans over the edge and force ABC to wreck shop.

    ***///Living In The World Of Soaps Since 1985\\\***

  21. Profile photo of terrifictam

    I thought it was very out of the blue to read that she was leaving. Having been there for two years now and establishing a growing fanbase and fanclub it just seems odd timing. I just received my fanclub packet from her a month or so ago so I really don’t buy that it was a mutual decision. I do wish her the best of luck because she has a lot going for her. She has proven that she can hold her own in the soapworld!

  22. Profile photo of Jamey Giddens
    Jamey Giddens

    And Luke was a mobster who was at least a decade older than Laura. I think her immaturity could be one of the major points in the storyline as Frankie tries to come to grips with having feelings for a younger, more innocent woman, while Colby stubbornly pursues him even more.

  23. Profile photo of Jamey Giddens
    Jamey Giddens

    Ambyr did state in her blog that it was her choice to leave, but didn’t report it that way. According to their article, the recast was storyline dictated.  Sounds like a fairly common situation in soaps where they allow exiting actors to save face by saying the decision was "mutual", but obviously by going with a much older actress they were planning to take the role in a different direction.

  24. Profile photo of Jamey Giddens
    Jamey Giddens

    Whenever soaps want to minimize the sting of a recast you hear terms like "storyline-dictated" , "mutual decision" and  my favorite, they wanted to "take the character in a new direction".

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