All My Children: Ambry Childers Thanks Fans For Support

As we reported,  Ambyr Childers is leaving  All My Children as Colby Chandler. Now she’s wrote a thank you to her fans for their support on her Official Blog.

Hello Everyone,

Due to other opportunities that have come quickly into my life, I will no longer be playing Colby Chandler on All My Children. This decision took heartfelt consideration and after weighing my options as an actress, the decision seemed to become more apparent to move on within my career. I could have not made it through my tenure at All My Children without the support and love of my fans and co-workers. It is because of you I remain an actress and I look forward to entertaining and working with you on new projects in the future.

Yours Truly,

Ambyr Childers

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    She would rock as Serena Baldwin on GH. Going head to head with Lulu & Maxie would be Gold! Good luck, Ambyr!

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    She has really grown as an actress and I’m going to miss watching her as Colby…not that I watch AMC these days. I know it’s bad when I don’t even dvr it!!

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