All My Children: Dixie’s Return Promo

All My Children’s pimping the hell out of Cady McClain’s return as "Dixie" to Pine Valley. Great clip, glad to have Cady back on daytime BUT couldn’t they have figured out a way to bring her back to life and undo the Pancake Killer storyline? To me its the least they could have done. Dixie as a ghost just doesn’t cut it and I always preferred Cady McClain’s Rosanna over Dixie.

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    Yes, it’s ashame that they can’t undo her “death” and make Dixie alive again! I still say we all go stuff the current writers in the Martin’s attic and we rewrite the soap!

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    She looks great, but I refuse to believe that Dixie is really dead! She’s in a coma somewhere and had an out of body experience. She only thinks that she’s dead. I have to keep telling myself that or I’ll go crazy. :)

    I pray that the ratings will spike now that she’s back for a limited time. They want us to think that their giving the fans what they want, but they’re not or else she would be alive. Don’t they realize that since this is basically a sweeps stunt, that they would raise ratings permanently if Dixie were really alive? Idiots.

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    Since Dixie will be a figment of Adam’s imagination, all they have to do to close out the storyline is show Dixie lying in a hospital bed somewhere, in a coma.

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    That would be a dream come true, Syrus! From your lips to God’s ears. :)

    And, I agree, Sueboo. Like I said, if this story were done back in May, 2007 (4 months after Dixie “died”) it would make a lot more sense. Hopefully, it’s written like she’s a figment of the imagination or a conscience. That would give me tons of hope.

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