Days of Our Lives: Head Writer Dena Higley Blogs

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Days of Our Lives' head writer Dena Higley is breaking new ground with the premier of her blog at


In her first post she talks mostly about her four children CK, Helio, Adelle and Jensen though she does mention Days of Our Lives.

"Yes, I’m the Head Writer at DAYS. I wanted to put myself out there as someone who has this crazy family. I readily admit that I’m stressed all the time and (as one of my bosses said) a little nuts. If only I could finish a thought or a sentence or…"

On another Dena Higley related topic. IMDB and Sony Pictures (see picture below) have yet to update their sites to reflect the fact that she took over as Days of Our Lives' head writer on March 7, 2008. Sony Pictures still has Hogan Sheffer listed as head writer, even though his last episode aired in January, 2008.