On the Stands: May Preview

I always love it when the soap mags do one of their preview episodes. Usually one can find at least one or two good tidbits that haven’t made it into the online rumor mill so I’m sure that Soap Opera Digest will have something of interest for pretty much everyone in this week’s issue.

Now to the cover… General Hospital "Surprise"? Could it be that Sarah Brown is really Carly and not Claudia and that Carly is Claudia? Ok, now I’m giving myself a headache. I’ll just be content with having Sarah Brown back on General Hospital, even if I have some issues with her returning as another character.

Apparently the EJ/Sami/Lucas triangle on Days of Our Lives will be heating back up. Hard to imagine sparks not flying when Lucas returns to find Sami living in the DiMera mansion and in the midst of a pretty good relationship with EJ. Oh, and here’s a question. What will Lucas think of Nicole’s return to Salem?

"So I guess your hair can grow three inches in heaven?" Was Daytime Confidential’s Jamey’s comment on the All My Children promo heralding the return of Dixie to Pine Valley. They say that when one dies and goes to heaven they get their wings, do they also give out hair extensions? Who knew that heaven was a five star salon? One has to find a bit of humor in the fact that Dixie is returning but as an angle, don’t they?

Finally we have The Young and Restless‘ "hottest" triangle Phyliss/Nick/Sharon. YAWN! Can I just say I’d love to have seen Lesli Kay’s Felicia Forrester in that picture with them. Now that would be headline.

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    They kill me at how they’ve been pimping Dixie’s return like she’s coming back alive. Go ahead, AMC. lure unsuspecting fans back just to get gut punched yet again when they learn that Dixie is an angel haunting Adam so he can tell Tad about Kate. If this was done during May Sweeps 2007, it may have been okay, but a whole year and a half later, and it still isn’t giving the fans what they want, stinks.

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