We Misse You Tamara Tunie

As the World Turns' loss is, well, As the World Turns' loss. Former As the World Turns' star Tamara Tunie is on the cover of April's The Boulevard magazine.

Am I the only one still upset about As the World Turns' apathy towards Tunie's character Jessica Griffin? We never saw Jessica enough during Tunie's last years on the show and when Jessica did get a front burner storyline it ended up being an atrocious triangle with Margo and another man or she played props to her daughter Bonnie. Now, her nephew Dallas is a cop in Oakdale and her daughter Bonnie has returned but neither seem to fit into the canvas as they are being written. Both Bonnie and Dallas seem to be like fish out of water without Jessica in town to provide some depth to their characters history.

Here's to wishing Tamara Tunie were still in Oakdale.


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Maybe they could get her back, if only just to have coffee with Bonnie, get drunk with Lisa & Margo, and represent a few criminals. I need that back. I always loved Jess, and what the hell happened to Ben? He was hot!

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Agreed. I'm tired of Tom being the only lawyer in town. Whatever happened to Duncan. Did he go nuts and croak after the fifth or sixth time Shannon went crazy?

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I don't watch the show now but I totally agree. When I did watch it I loved Jessica. It is amazing how soaps don't care about their great characters these days.