Daytime Confidential #230: ABC Bitchy Bangs

On today’s ABC edition of Daytime Confidential Belinda, Tina and Luke discuss One Life to Live’s "bitchy bangs," Luke and Tina’s funniest Llanview moment of the week. Susan Haskell’s possible return to her old stomping grounds and what might this mean for Michael Easton’s John McBaine?

Where in the hell is Edward Quartermaine? Why isn’t he there for his great grandson Michael? What on General Hospital turned Tina off? The Haunted Star reopens yet again. What about a Lulu/Johnny/Maxie triangle?

Ambyr Childrens leaves All My Children as Colby Chandler. Jake is being held hostage by militants. Where is Jamie and why doesn’t the Martin family know that Jake is being held hostage?

We also choose who our Performer of the Week from the three ABC soaps is.

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10 Responses

  1. Profile photo of THEBEST

    Luke, I think that you’re confusing the whole Martin family with Tad. He’s the only sanctimonious snot that constantly spews his self righteous crap to Adam.

    ***///Living In The World Of Soaps Since 1985\\\***

  2. Profile photo of THEBEST

    Now, that I think about it, they were. All I was thinking about was my sweet Joe. Jamie was an ass and Jake was just yuck! :sick:

    ***///Living In The World Of Soaps Since 1985\\\***

  3. Profile photo of Luke Kerr
    Luke Kerr

    But you’re ignoring the fact that Tad is a murderer, Jamie is a baby thief, and Jake, well the old Jake was just sanctimonious for the sake of it. I don’t know what this new Jake will be like.

  4. Profile photo of Luke Kerr
    Luke Kerr

    I’m not denying Adam’s behavior or comparing it to Tad. What I’m saying is that the Martin’s have done terrible things by any definition and yet they walk around as if they have halo’s hovering over their heads. If they would just embrace the fact that they do really bad things and admit that they sort of enjoy it, it would make things a whole lot better imo.

  5. Profile photo of THEBEST

    You gotta get with it, Luke. The first families on shows don’t ever pay for their crimes. Look at the Hughes, Cranes, Abbotts, Forresters, Bauers, & Buchanans. It’s soap law. LOL. But, it doesn’t excuse what Tad did. Whatever the reason was, the Tad in a chicken suit would NEVER resort to murder, EVER(maybe Ted Orsini, but not my Thaddeus)! Jamie is a baby snatcher. He will always have a comfy seat in hell for helping Babe dupe Bianca & JR. And Jake just loses cool points for keeping Ryan from his Princess Gillian and Leo from Greenlee.

    ***///Living In The World Of Soaps Since 1985\\\***

  6. Profile photo of Jamey Giddens
    Jamey Giddens

    The Martins have a right to treat Adam like crap. He impregnated Dixie, the love of Tad’s life and then had her committed to steal her baby. He also switched his sperm with Jake’s in order to get Liza pregnant with Colby without her knowledge! I think that would inspire a bit of sanctimony.

  7. Profile photo of Jamey Giddens
    Jamey Giddens

    Tad murdered a sociopath who kidnapped his child. He did Pine Valley a favor. Adam targeted people for sport. RIght now he knows Tad’s child is town and does he tell him? No!

  8. Profile photo of Jamey Giddens
    Jamey Giddens

    That’s the joy of being a show’s first family. Look at the Hortons on Days. A newer fan would think they were all saints, but:
    Bill raped Mickey’s wife and got her pregnant.
    Julie shoplifted as a teen.
    Maggie had affairs on Mickey.
    Bill cheated on Laura with Kate, which drove Laura mad.
    And even Grandpa Tom helped hide the secret that Mike was really Bill’s son and not Mickey’s for years. Yet they all still are considered as people who walk on water in Salem.

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