Young and the Restless: Victoria Rowell-“Y&R Hasn’t Sent a Rescue Crew For Dru”

Breathtaking soap diva and author extraordinaire Victoria Rowell has addressed speculation on her official website concerning whether or not she is set to reprise the popular role of Drucilla Barber-Winters-Winters on Young and the Restless. The following letter was posted on Rowell’s blog:

Dear Fans,

Thank you so much for your continued support as I criss-crossed the country. Your love of my work as the writer of “The Women Who Raised Me”; as an actress on Young and the Restless and Diagnosis Murder; as well as my film work, has been a blessing. You’ve shown me that my performances are more than Daytime drama to you. Over 4 million people have visited me here on my website and for you; I would like to answer the ubiquitous question of “Are you coming back to the Young and the Restless”. Well, due to the barrage of Soap Opera tabloid and Internet speculation, I want to go on record to say that Drucilla would love nothing more than to claw her way up the cliff that she flipped off of, but Y&R has not sent her a rescue crew or a life line to help her out of the ravine that she’s been in for over a year. I am alive and well and the ball is in their court. Email to Sony Pictures Television and The Young the Restless is appreciated.

                                                                                 -Victoria Rowell

Here’s hoping Cane orders that Chancellor search and rescue crew down to the bottom of that raven pronto! And bring some Glow By Jabot, our girl has to look fierce when she kicks Karen to the curb!

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    I don’t see what the problem is. Dru was only written out so Victoria could be released from her contract. If she’s ready & willing to come back, why not bring her back? Neil sure isn’t that hot with Karen, and that little snot, Lily, needs some serious guidance from her moms. My good good Judy needs to be back, front & center! Phyllis needs a worthy opponent and Sharon misses her gal pal.

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    I don’t know what Y&R is waiting for. Fans have been chomping at the bit for VR’s return since Dru went over the cliff a year ago.

    Why won’t this show give the fans what we want? Bring back Victoria Rowell, Eileen Davidson and Adrianne Leon as Colleen – let’s get this show back on track!

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    Thanks for the info Jamey! Here’s hoping that Maria Bell will bring Dru back to slap some sense into Sharon for her friendship with Phyllis and she brings the REAL LILY Winters back with Dru, Davetta S! Sorry CK fans but she’s like cardboard with a fine man like Cane!

    Jamey, you aren’t the only one that wants the REAL Victoria back!!! How about they do a trade? Have Amelia go to B&B and Heather come back because Amelia really isn’t doing Victoria any justice in her portrayal. She’s Victor’s daughter for Christ’s sakes and she’s just being so bland and acting like a pushover with that lil’ ferret face Adam!

    No schuckin’ and jivin’ when dishing about soaps!

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    As much as I would love for that trade to take place, I doubt it would happen since Amelia and Thad are married in real life. But maybe we could get lucky one day.

    “lil’ ferret face Adam” Love that description! LOL

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