Young & Restless: Evil’s Spawn

Anyone who has ever listened to an episode of the CBS & Days Daytime Confidential Podcast knows that I am an ardent fan of the Young and Restless’ Gloria Baldwin Fisher Abbot Bardwell Bardwell.

I’ve defended her for almost everything imaginable and have been able to rationalize even worst of Gloria’s antics in her defense. However, even I a "Gloria lover" must draw the line at the possibility of TPTB having her adopt a helpless baby or young child as they hinted at on today’s (2/23/08) show.

Adopting a baby is not atonement for past misdeeds (though I’m sure in Gloria’s mind it may be). Adopting a child is a seriously important decision. You don’t just adopt a baby or child from an adoption agency like Paris Hilton picks out her latest Chihuahua at the nearest pound. What is Y&R thinking?

I guess it comes down to this. I don’t have a problem Gloria trying to do good and make up for past deeds. We all know its not going to last. In fact I predict within 6 months (though it will probably be much sooner) she’ll be back to her bad behavior. However, to get a helpless child involved crosses the line.

We’ve all seen how Michael and Kevin turned out under Gloria’s mothering. It has taken both sons a very long time to get on the "straight and narrow" (as much as a Baldwin/Fisher can be on the "straight and narrow"). Can you imagine the hack job Gloria would do on the poor child’s psyche by the age of three? And we thought Cassie’s son on Guiding Light was evil incarnate, can you imagine how this child could turn out? It would bring down the apocalypse on Genoa City.

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    Somehow, I don’t think the writers or Gloria is serious about her adopting a child. I think it is more of a ploy to make Jeff and her sons believe that she has changed and wants to show them that in the quickest, most efficient way possible. It is about her wrestling with the idea that she just may have developed feelings for that blackmailing cad.

    I have not seen today’s episode yet so I cannot say I really have a sense of what they did but like I said, it seems like it would more of a manipulative move to put the idea into people’s heads then an actual reality.

    Certainly Gloria Baldwin Fisher Abbot Bardwell Bardwell is the last person who should be adopting a child.

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    Gloria is a freaking criminal that should be tossed under the jail along with her spawns. I want to see Gloria exposed as the skin cream killer and bankrupt.

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    Wow! When I heard her talk about adopting a child I had to look for Susan Powter because someone needs to STOP THE INSANITY! The fact that Luke “the ultimate Gloria lover” can’t see this happening says a lot.

    I do have to admit though the thought of her running after a little kid is the funnest thing I could think of.

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    LOVE the Photoshopped Pic of Glo and baby!!! That is hysterical LOL!!

    Anyone ever watch Ab Fab? Gloria adopting a baby reminds me of when Edina horrified Saffy when she threatened to adopt a Romanian baby if she didn’t let Edina go to a school presentation Saf was giving :D

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    “The more disadvantaged the better????” LMAO!!!

    Michael wouldn’t let her. He better not anyway! This is so wrong on so many levels.

    I’m so loving to hate Gloria now. I can’t stand her yet she makes me laugh everytime she’s on the screen. But I did love the two days without her though.

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    Unreal… Gloria adopting? I wouldn’t let her raise an EYEBROW let alone a kid! Maria Bell needs to stop trying with this heifer because we ain’t feeling the redemption right now.. She’ll be redeemed in my eyes if she was BACK BURNED!

    No schuckin’ and jivin’ when dishing about soaps!

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    Jamey Giddens

    I think TPTB think of Gloria as a villain fans love to hate like JR. No…we just hate her period! Fans love good villains like JR on Dallas or Sami on Days  because we can’t wait to see what stunt they pull next and because we know eventually they will get thrown in the Ewing pool or punched on their wedding day. But with Gloria it NEVER ends. She never gets her due. 

    Even when she "loses" they never miss an opportunity to play the violins for the shamelessly vulgar caricature. A good villain inspires sympathy. On Days we had love for Sami because we knew she walked in on her mom getting busy with someone other than her dad. On Dallas we knew that despite his best efforts, JR was neither of his parents’ favorite, Ellie loved Gary more and Jock loved Bobby. But why should we feel sorry for Gloria? So she picked a couple of dead beat, abusive husbands, did that give her a right to lie her way into the Abbott mansion and walk away with half the family’s fortune all because their patriarch was a simple, horny old man led by the WRONG brain? Ugh!

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