One Life To Live: Susan Haskell Returns, Is Thorsten Kaye Far Behind?

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It's official folks. Susan Haskell's reporting on her website that she is set to return to One Life to Live as the original, if not-so crispy Marty Saybrooke. I wasn't watching when Haskell originated the role, but I am familiar with her Marty's highlights (the gang rape, the popular romance with Thorsten Kaye's Patrick) and couldn't be happier to see her return to the soap, hopefully just in time to help her son Cole battle their mutual enemy and Dad of the Decade nominee Todd Manning. I'm sure this little turn of events will fire up already simmering rumors of Kaye departing his All My Children gig as Zach Slater to reunite with his onscreen and off screen wife back in Llanview. Thanks Loop for the tip!