Days Of Our Lives: Could Lucas Be Ava’s Brother?

Look for Ava’s mobster daddy Martino Vitali (Joe Penny) to have a sordid past with the glamourous Kate Roberts (Lauren Koslow) when he turns up in Salem to help his whackadoodle daughter Ava (Tamara Braun) on May 2. According to TV Guide‘s Michael Logan’s column (on newstands now), Vitali arrives to to assist his little mafia princess when she finds herself in hot water for kidnapping and terrorizing Salem’s Fab Four (Bo, Hope, Patch and Kayla). Once he arrives in Salem, Vitali reconnects with Kate, who used to act out Tina Turner’s "Private Dancer" for him when she was a high class hooker. Hmmm, Kate’s always said that the soon-to-be sprung from the joint Lucas (Bryan Datillo) was the product of her decades ago affair with Bill Horton, but I wonder…will Lucas turn out to be Ava’s brother?

Days Of Our Lives: Could Lucas Be Ava's Brother?

  • It's a possibility. Days has never really cemented Lucas to the Hortons and if John is a DiMera, anything is possible! (63%, 104 Votes)
  • No way! Lucas is a Horton through and through. I love his relationship with Maggie. (37%, 61 Votes)

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    Well they have changed John’s past a hundred or so times so why not Lucas’s? The only thing is Kate doesn’t need any more children. She already has Lucas, Austin, Billie, Philip, Rex, and Cassie. Half of those she didn’t give birth to but still. . .

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    I hope Lucas isn’t ret-conned into being a Vitali, the Horton’s should be the back-bone of Days and he’s the only male character on-screen (or soon to be on-screen)other then Mickie with the family name. So if we don’t want to lose the Horton contingent then we need Lucas’ parentage to stay as it is or have TPTB bring on more male characters from the family.

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    I was thinking the same thing, Jay, but the other way around. I always thought that Kate could be Ava’s mother. Martino & Kate had a ONS and she gave birth to Ava in between Austin & Lucas. Martino took Ava so that she wouldn’t be raised with the likes of a hooker as a mother. It could tie into him keeping Ava drugged up & crazy all of these years.

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    Well, you know that she only gave birth to Billie, Austin, & Lucas. Vivian carried Phillip and Marlena carried Rex & Cassie. The twins were beyond Kate’s control. She didn’t know. And she was a hooker. It makes sense, unless Ava is not a Vitali, but a DiMera…She could be Lucas’ twin. I know, that’s reaching. LOL.

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    That could work, but I don’t want the Hortons losing out. We barely have enough around now.

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    I always wanted there to be a story where Glen & Barb ended up dead and Bo & Hope had to save JT, who was kidnapped.

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    AS a new viewer I was shocked to read Kate has that many kids!!! I’m so confused that 2 OTHER women carried her babies but then again this is DAYS.

    With all her kids why is she always meddling with Lucas only??..despite him being the only one on the canvas why doesn’t she have a storyline with any of the fathers?

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    She only meddles in Lucas’ because he’s her pride & Joy. Plus, he’s the only child, besides, Phllip, that she’s raised. Lucas takes all of her crap, too. Billie & Austin don’t play that. Kate’s hatred for Sami also plays a big factor.

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    Jamey Giddens

    I’d prefer a nice, normal twist that Kate basically wasn’t 100 percent sure of whether Bill or Martino was the father of the child she was carrying, so she decided to say it was the upstanding doctor as opposed to the dirty hood.

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    Jamey Giddens

    I question the logic of bringing on Nick Fallon as a young generation Horton. Not the actor mind you because Blake Berris is AWESOME, but Nick’s parents weren’t one of the family’s supercouples. He would have made a much better Jeremy Horton. That’s one problem I have with soaps when they try to bring in a second generation, they work to hard. Why not bring on teens and twentysomethings based on the core characters already established in town? Why not bring on Melissa and Sarah Horton, since they are Mickey and Maggie’s kids, or Julie’s son David Banning and his son Scott. Didn’t Scott and Faith have a kid after leaving Salem? What about JT? Why not age him and make him a troubled teen who shows up on Bo and Hope’s doorstep?

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