Young and Restless: How Do You Solve A Problem Like Sabrina?

Victor (Eric Braeden) ticks off his namesake daughter Victoria (Amelia Heinle) next week on Young and the Restless when he brings his latest distraction Sabrina (Raya Meddine) to Baby Reed’s christening. Bree Bree tries to make up for playing connect-the-freckles with her BFF’s daddy by purchasing a snazzy rattle for the soon-to-be Church-sanctioned kiddo, but Victoria is having none of that. 

While I understand Victoria being a bit skeeved out by knowing that her homegirl knows whether her pop likes boxers or briefs, isn’t Vicki being a bit of a hypocrite? Her current husband JT is the first love of her former stepdaughter Colleen. Her most-recent former husband Brad was engaged to her mother for years. And then there was Victoria’s second hubby Cole Howard, who to envoke AC/DC, shook her mama Nikki all night long before ever hooking up with Victoria. Even though I first sympathized with Vicki’s plight, I have since decided it’s time Princess Newman grew up. Now if her problem with the relationship was the very valid fear that her father might die of boredom from this craptastical pairing, I would totally understand.

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    Ya know, now’s a good time for Jr. to step in and hook up with Jack, Nikki, Victoria, and Nick to take over Newman Enterprises. Victor evidently isn’t thinking with his top brain right now. They could reek havoc on Victor right now.

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    Hasn’t Victoria always been a hypocrite? She always judges the next person, but justifies her misdeeds.

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    This Sabrina experiment is a disaster. Who came up with this, the strike-writers or the post-strike ones? Did they even test her with Eric Braeden first?

    I think Y&R is totally unwatchable right now, I don’t care about any of the storylines, especially not one that features formerly fierce Victoria whining about daddy, and suddenly soft Victor falling for Sabrina after about ten seconds… If they wanted to do this story then why not hook Victor up with some 25 year old blonde bombshell, that would piss everybody in Genoa City off.

    Whatever happened to Victor’s demise? He should have lost Newman after the divorce and been forced to claw his way back from a one-room apartment. Hook him up with a woman who didn’t want him for his money or power… A commoner, if you will.

    Oh wait, they already did…It was Hope!

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    Sabrina needs to go! That’s the answer to the question you posed. I’ll get back to Skankina as I call her in a min. Victoria always has been a bit judgemental but forgets the fact that she shacked up with her mom’s leftovers I mean Brad was set to marry her mother when Nikki decided to get her head in the game and go after Victor when he got shot. I think that was the main reason that Victor hated him so much when he and Victoria got together, hell I would’ve been pissed too and wonder what his agenda was also. I still think she should’ve gotten more fire and brimstone rained down on her when she slept with JT from Brad and Colleen in my book. When Colleen called her out @ her shower she should’ve expected that and more imo. As for her beef with Skankina, I have to side with Victoria on this one, that is her FATHER her bff’s shacking up with! Yes I called her out on her dirt but now that she has the shoe on the other foot she can realize how sick it is being with someone a family member was with. How can Skankina expect her bff to be happy for her when she knew that Victoria wanted her parents back together and their relationship will be ruined. Can you imagine your best friend and you are chilling and discussing men and then she busts out, “Yeah and your daddy’s freak lemme tell you!” I’d seriously upchuck and also beat her down! That’s part of the friendship code Skankina broke, you never mess with your friend’s exes and you never mess with their parent! That and the storyline’s like watching molasses on a hot summer day! I don’t know who Eric Braeden pissed off to be stuck with this but he better kiss up to them pronto!

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    There’s no doubt that the Sabrina storyline has been a complete disaster. Just go and read any message board out there and folks are going on and on about how gross she and Victor are together.

    The trouble is, Eric Braeden is no longer a romantic leading man. He’s pushing 70 for God’s sake; EB might think he’s still hot and sexy but the fans ain’t buyin’ it; I’ll bet this storyline is his idea. Victor Newman is my favorite character on Y&R but even I have to admit his days as a romantic lead are behind him. It’s long past time to cut the crap, put Victor back with Nikki, and have them act like a normal, married couple. We all know they’ll get back together anyway eventually. And they should be happy – happy doesn’t have to automatically mean boring. The writers can come up with any number of storylines for Victor and Nikki that don’t involve them cheating on each other.

    And Amelia Heinle is woefully miscast as Victoria. This storyline would be so much better if Heather Tom were still portraying Victoria. Yet another good reason to dump this storyline is so that we don’t have to be subjected to AH’s watered-down version of Victoria.

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    I know I sound like a broken record but, I am still waiting for Amelia to bring it home. The stuff Y&R’s throwing @ her is too good for her not to show her skills off. I don’t get why she isn’t doing so, maybe they are going to come up with something like the coma made her a bit more softer. Who knows. As for Skankina and Victor, its not the age thing that bothers me its the fact that the heifer’s messing with her friend’s dad AND she’s messing with Nikki’s man! We all know that Victor and Nikki are just recharging their batteries for each other for now and will get back together.

    As for Victor replacing his family, Luke what are YOU watching? You can’t see it? He practically begged Ferret Boy *see above post for whom I mean* to come to town and work @ NE. Not at an entry or mid level but with Nick’s old job. Then all of a sudden he’s pulling Victoria off projects and placing him on them? THEN in some spoilers and the previews for the Canadian Monday show, Victor seems to be giving Victoria’s newly appointed position to Ferret yet again and he will be moving onto the ranch. The writings on the wall so to speak, Victor’s getting rid of his entire family with ones that he can control. Nikki left him because she got tired of him dictating her life, now he’s with Skankina *again see the above posts* and already he’s dictating things to her. Next Nick left the fold because he got tired of Victor controlling him, to be fair he got his behind fired but he wasn’t down for Slick Vic’s control either. Now you have Ferret stepping in and not minding how Slick Vic’s maneuvering things also. I bet if Abby were old enough she’d be the replacement for Victoria @ NE!

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    Considering Jr. is the only new family he has, Victor will kick him to the curb as soon as he starts disagreeing with him. Now’s the time for Jr. to hook up with the rest of the family to take Victor down while he’s preoccupied with his fresh meat.

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    Luke Kerr

    "As for Victor replacing his family, Luke what are YOU watching? You can’t see it?"

    Maverick I think my question in of its self indicates that I can see it or else I wouldn’t have asked it.

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    Luke Kerr

    Personally, I think that the character of Adam is good because he really shakes up the Newman sibling dynamic. In a way I don’t mind Victor finally cutting Victoria out of things. She was the last of his family to put up with him and now that Nikki, Nick, and Victoria are all on the outside they can go after Victor in an united front. They haven’t really done that before.

    Last time there was a Newman board vote the people were Victor, Nikki, Victoria, Neil, Nick, and Brad. Now that they have at least three votes I can’t imagine it wouldb bet that hard for the three of them to convince Brad to team up with them to throw Victor out.

    And what of Neil. It seems like he’s just been standing there being Victor’s "good boy". At some point Neil’s going to need to get some balls and speak his mind. He’s been watching as Victor has gotten rid of his family and the fair minded Neil probably can’t help but notice Victor’s behavior being destructive to Newman Enterprises. Can you imagine if all five of the other Newman Enterprises board members voted to throw Victor out? He could run off with his wonderful Sabrina and then we might be able to get a good NE s/l again.

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    Ok Luke ya had me there with teaming up but lost me when you wanted Neil with Skankina! EWW! As much as Neil loves to brown nose he doesn’t deserve to be stuck with Skankina. Although if Dru came back and he was with her that would be something! Can you picture Dru and Nikki teaming up? Nice! Getting back on track, this storyline could be really fab if TOTO was pretending to be friendly and cool with the elder Newman kids and then be stabbing them in the back while working with David and Skankina. It would also be fab if Toto was behind the Clear Springs and Newman Jet debacles too. I am all down with the sibling rivalry don’t get my wrong there but Ferret’s a contradiction to what he says. He claims the kids had things handed to them and he didn’t but yet he got a JOB handed to him as well. He just acts too smug and above it all for someone that loves to chalk things up to his Kansas upbringing.

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    Robin Christopher would be it! I would watch her in anything! This actress is such a bore and I don’t like her chemistry with any of the cast. She still seems to come off as condescending to me.

    As for Victor I used to be a huge fan but he’s getting on my nerves. The way he speaks to Nick and Nikki is so rude and uncalled for. He used to preach about how family is the most important thing…some how he lost that along the way.

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    I love me some Victor and I can’t tolerate this storyline. Its a trainwreck. I do feel that tiic will pull a move where Victor will have to pull his way back to the top because his long lost son will smell his self I my folks like to say, and try to take NE away from Victor. I think Skankina will play a role in it too. Look at it so far, Victor’s distant from Nikki/Nick and now Victoria, they’re so setting Victor up to lose it all and have to humble his ways..

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    You know Ferret Boy is, “smelling himself,” if he thinks he can get NE and the Newman empire from Victor. Victor loves his kids but he’ll throw them under a semi if they deciced to get cute with his empire. Forget a bus, a SEMI is where Ferret Boy will go even if his mama is Hope.

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    He looks like one doesn’t he Jamey? That or a weasel, sometimes I call him Toto because he always has to say some crap about Kansas, I just want AH to show SOME spunk to Victoria and yell out, “This ain’t Kansas TOTO!” I have tons of names for that child of Victor’s.

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    Jamey Giddens

    Sabrina and Jr. are great characters-on paper-a best friend who sleeps with her girl’s father, soap classic! A scheming long lost son, bitter because his siblings grew up in the lap of luxury, while he was slopping hogs, BRILLIANT. But…the actors are WRONG, WRONG, WRONG for these parts!!! Imagine Sabrina in the hands of a capable actress? A vivacious woman who has ready chemistry as Vicky’s best friend (think a Rebecca Budig or GIna Tognoni type, or Crystal Chappell or Lisa Peluso if they wanted to go a bit older) who then STABS her homegirl brutally in the back by bedding her much older father and becoming his new trophy wife, making the former friends bitter rivals. Some of the best soap triangles have been between a girl, her daddy and a woman the same age as her daddy (Viki/Victor/Dorian on OLTL and Iris/Mac/Rachel on AW). Vicki/Victor/Sabrina with Nikki standing by to snark and snarl at Sabrina any time Vicki needs a break would be great soap…with a better actress.

    Same with Victor Jr. This has the potential to be one of the best soap characters in history. Bitter long lost children usually rock on daytime. Kendall Hart, Carly Roberts, Jonathan Lavery. Daytime has a long grand tradition of the offspring scored. but Victor Jr. comes off as a passive aggressive peeping tom, not a volatile, angry young man wrestling with his desires to be loved against his desires for revenge.Y&R needs to watch old tapes of when Jonathan first showed up in Springfield to terrorize the Shaynes and Lewises, or when Sarah Michelle first schemed into town as got a job as Erica’s "loyal assistant", but the look in her eyes let you know Erica better watch out!

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    WELCOME BACK JAMEY! Your finally seeing the light! I totally agree with you where Skankina and Adam are wrongly miscast. The current actor looks out of sorts trying to make a play for Phyllis, I’m thinking Jason Thompson (GH-Patrick) or the temp doc playing him right now would be PERFECT. Sabrina… I can see Robin Christopher or someone like that playing her part. The emergence of Victor jr/Adam can be a terrific storyline if Maria Bell would take a cue from her in-laws and start the process of great storytelling we’d be enjoying the show.

    FYI: Check out my blog just updated it.

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