DAYTIME CONFIDENTIAL EXCLUSIVE: All My Children Cast Spotted In L.A. To Film Location Shoot!

Daytime Confidential’s good pal Nelson Branco from TV Guide Canada just called to inform me he ran into several members of the cast of All My Children, who are apparently in L.A. to film location scenes for the upcoming kidnapping climax following the wedding of Jesse and Angie (Darnell Williams and Debbi Morgan) airing May 21 and 22.

Branco is in L.A. for the GLAAD Awards, held yesterday, and has promised us tons of juicy daytime and primetime dish from the event, so keep checking back! Branco spotted such stars as Ricky Paull Goldin (Jake), Michael E. Knight (Tad), Cornelius Smith Jr. (Frankie), David Rasche (Ray Gardner) as well as Williams and Morgan. Several of the actors are eating in the same hotel restaurent where Nelson is having brunch as I type this! 

As previously reported, Angie Hubbard will be abducted following her much anticipated wedding to Jesse and dramatically carried away from her true love via helicopter! Nelson is theorizing that Rob Gardner, the sociopath brother of AMC’s late villain Ray Gardner, is the one who will kidnap the heroine.

It seems like AMC is pulling out all the stops to lure back lapsed viewers and I couldn’t be happier. A big, splashy, soap wedding with a big name R&B singer (Ne-Yo), followed by a dramatic kidnapping that actually takes the cast on location? How awesome is that? If I closed my eyes it would be 1985!

Be sure to check out the Friday, May 2 edition of Branco’s TV Guide Canada column The Suds Report for more scoop!

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    I’m not familiar with ABC soaps, but is a location shoot really special for those soaps? Maybe I’m just spoiled with all the location shoots ATWT has been doing (Really love it).

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    Luke Kerr

    The ABC doesn’t do location shoots like the P&G soaps do because the P&G  do it because  of  budgetary concerns. Personally, I wouldn’t consider the P&G out door shots to be "location shoots" because they become part of the day-to-day production of those shows. 

    ABC soaps rarely go out doors for shoots so its a big deal for fans of those soaps. I think the last time we got outdoor shoots was for the return of Angie and Jesse at the trainstation and before that it was for the wilderness search and on the run storyline that involved Aidan, Greenlee, Kendall, and Zach.

    Since I started watching AMC in 98 these are the location shoots I can think of. In no particular order and I may missing one or two.

    1. Erica & Jackson’s wedding
    2. The Greenlee & Kendall wedding catfight
    3. Jesse & Angie train station reunion
    4. The above mentioned wilderness hunt
    5. Annie & Ryan’s wedding
    6. The baby kidnapping trip to Disneyland involving Babe, Jamie, JR, Bianca, Jackson, Reggie, Tad, Erica

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    But why is this the ONLY storyline that is good on this show? It’s like there are different writers for this story and the rest of the show. I applaud ABC for finally realizing that it take money to make money, but AMC has a loooooooooong way to go before I get to praising it again.

    ***///Living In The World Of Soaps Since 1985\\\***

  4. Profile photo of Mark

    Jamey, I didn’t know that AMC was filmed in NYC. And I’m actually a little surprised that the US soaps don’t do a lot of these big outdoor location shoots.

    I would think that Dutch soaps have a smaller budget. But with a smaller budget they still have outdoor scenes every week and at least once a year an international location shoot. In recent years the Dutch soap GTST filmed in Las Vegas, Curaçao, Portugal, Belgium, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

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    Jamey Giddens

    ATWT is doing location shoots in warehouses and by ponds, which are relatively inexpensive and near NYC where the show is taped. AMC is taped in NYC as well, so for them to transplant so many of their cast to the other coast for a location shoot, using a helicopter and more than likely filmed at one of the bigger studios like Universal is something soaps don’t do very often anymore.

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