All My Children: Sydney Penny Out?

Online rumors have it that Sydney Penny may be out at All My Children and that it should be confirmed in the next issue of Soap Opera Digest.

Penny returned to the role of All My Children’s Julia Santos Keefer in 2005. Unfortunately, shortly after her return it became apparent to fans that All My Children wasn’t sure exactly what to do with the character of Julia without the love of Julia’s life Noah Keefer, portrayed by Keith Hamilton Cobb, on the show.

The character of Julia floated in and out of several storylines and was paired for a short time with Tad Martin’s son Jamie Martin. The pairing was brought to an abrupt halt when Justin Bruening decided to leave the east coast sudser and pursue primetime opportunities, landing the lead role in the upcoming TV show Knight Rider.

A small controversy erupted amongst online fans when the show’s writers  had Julia allow Jonathon Lavery, the murderer of her brother-in-law Edmund,  to move into Wild Wind mansion along with a bunch of other "homeless" characters in need of a place to live.

Word has it that Julia’s departure from Pine Valley will coincide with the revelation that the young child Kathy she cares for is in fact Tad and Dixie’s long lost daughter.  

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    Thank God they haven’t screwed up Angie & Jesse. What was even the point of bringing Julia on? She came back after Maria had left. The only family she had in town was Anita, and she was a nobody. Her return story was actually good. It’s just that after it ended, the character lost her pizazz. I hope that she is leaving. Sydney Penny is too good for this. I would love for Keith Hamilton Cobb to come back as Noah to sweep Jules off of her feet. Wouldn’t she kick ass as Natalia on GL?

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    Amc is an absolute train wreck right now.And yes jamey i agree with you on the way amc brings back vets and sidelines them.But then again Julia was a characther created by megan mctavish.Some writers like to put there own stamp on the show.It would’ve been nice if suga had a connection to julia.Sydney penny is one ofthe most under rated actress’s on daytime.I have a suggestion wouldnt sydney be great as a cassie carpenter recast she and melissa gallo could definatly pass a s sisters.Right now amc is definatly losing its credibility.

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