Bold and the Beautiful: LIVE BLOGGING Heart Transplant

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LIVE BLOGGING: Chilling! Absolutely chilling! Forget General Hospital's CGI. Abandon All My Children's over use of its "fab four." Scrap Guiding Light's new production model! If you are a soap executive and you want to get great ratings then you should be paying attention the AMAZING stuff the Bold and the Beautiful is doing. If this doesn't get Katherine Kelly Lang a nomination at the 36th Annual Emmy Awards I don't know what will.

On top of  Lang's knock out performance, the scenes with everyone watching and waiting for the transplanted heart to start beating, then when it finally took its first beat to the throb of a drum, chilling. Not one person amongst the cast dropped the ball or didn't live up to the scripts they were given.

For those of us decrying the "death" of the genre this is the type of work, both written and film style, that gives hope of survival in these trying times. This  is "Grade A Prime American Daytime Soap" at its best.