Eden Riegel’s Hilarious “Wedding Night” Video

A few week’s back we brought you the teaser trailer of Emmy-winning All My Children star Eden Riegel’s upcoming new web serious Imaginary Bitches. Well, we enjoyed that trailer so much we went looking to see what else the talented actress might have out there for fans to watch and discovered "Eden Riegel and Andrew Miller On Their Wedding Night." This is by far one of the funniest youtube clips I have watched on You Tube in a long time and if you’re in need of a good laugh I would recommend checking in out.

Tune in here later this morning for Daytime Confidential’s Imaginary Bitches‘ Premiere Week Interview with Eden Riegel about her role starring in the series. Find out what it is like to work with the other talented daytime veterans starring in Imaginary Bitches including Young & Restless‘ Greg Rikaart  and Elizabeth Hendrickson (of All My Children Maggie and Frankie fame) and former All My Children star Connie Fletcher Staton (Erin Lavery). Hear Riegel’s thoughts on the As the World Turns’ Luke and Noah controversy and what it was like for her  as Bianca to deal with many of the same things that Van Hansis and Jake Silbermann are going through in their roles.

Also, be sure to check out You Tube on May 2nd at 8pm Pacific (9pm Mountain, 10pm Central, and 11pm Eastern) for the premier of Imaginary Bitches. Then visit Imaginary Bitches’ Official Website to chat live with Eden Riegel about the show at 8:30pm Pacific.

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    The funniest part was at the end. I had no idea that Eden was so funny! It’s about time that she’s done something post-AMC.

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    Luke Kerr

    No kidding…The last thirty seconds are the best part of the whole thing. Loved it. You’ll want to check out the interview. Riegel’s great and wonderfully gracious.

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