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Hey all! It’s Emmy Nomination morning and I’m coming to you as "live" as I can with up to the minute updates from today’s Emmy Nominations. If you are watching the Emmy’s as they are announced on The View you can comment on this thread to share your thoughts.

We’ll see how this goes so thanks in advance for being patient with me!


9am: It’s 9am central and we only have 60 minutes more to wait before the 35th Annual Emmy Nominations are announced LIVE on The View.

9:15am: While you’re waiting enjoy this great clip of All My Children’s Susan Lucci finally winning her Emmy.

9:20am: New to Daytime Confidential or haven’t been following the Daytime Emmy Nominations? Check out our Emmy page and our full list of Emmy Prenominations.

9:35am: Just asked Regan, who writes Daytime Confidential’s General Hospital spoilers, who she’d love to see get a nomination. Her words: "I would love to see Carolyn Hennesy… but I really think Rebecca Herbst had a great year too. I’m hoping Tyler gets a nod but I think the lead category could work against him."

Tyler Christopher did have some great scenes during Emily’s death. Do you think the lead category could work against him? Discuss…

9:45am: Whose nomination would you be shocked at? I have two but for very different reasons. My first shocker would be Days of Our Lives’ Deidre Hall. If she gets a nomination with the way block voting seems to happen I would be shocked! My second shocker would be former All My Children star Sabine Singh. I would be shocked at her nomination for the simple fact that after what ABC did to her with the "Real Greenlee" campaign to see her at the 35th Annual Emmy Awards as a nominee would be nothing short of priceless. Can you imagine Frons’ headache? Discuss…

9:55am: Five minutes before The View goes live. I’m not sure if I have any predictions but I do hope that both of One Life to Live’s Catherine Hickland and Kathy Brier get nominations. Problem is they are both up in one of the toughest categories. Supporting Actress.

10am: The View is live!

10:02am: LOVE The View set! ABC knows how to do Daytime Emmy Award Nominations. Oh come on! They’re doing "hot topics" when there are nominations to announce? American IDOL? WTH?

10:05am: Still discussing American Idol. Am I the only one upset that they’re discussing American Idol on a show that is supposed to be dedicated to announcing the best in daytime television? Since when does American Idol have anything to do with daytime?

10:07am: Now they are discussing Dancing With the Stars? This is frakked up! Get to the nominations already! You gave us a tease of all the stars in the green room. Get to them already!

10:11am: Now they are discussing Senator Obama and the Reverend Wright controversy? Whoopi and Elisabeth are arguing again and Whoopi seems a bit pissed with Elisabeth. I realize that our next President is an important topic BUT please let the nominations be announced.  Oh boy, Whoopi vs. Elisabeth is turning into Rosie vs. Elisabeth.

10:13am: Joy and Sherri are trying to get a word in edgewise on the Obama discussion. Joy now has control of the conversation and just went after McCain and Elisabeth. UGH. It’s almost as if someone "planned" the argument to attract viewers for today’s show.

Since when does People magazine cover soaps? Love the mag but why isn’t Carolyn Hinsey or someone from the industry discussing who they think will get a nomination? Seems like a bit of a token journalist to have People magazine there when they rarely cover the industry.

10:18am: Commercial time. My grade of The View’s Emmy Nominations show so far = C.

10:21-27am: Tyra Banks is the first major guest. Looks amazing it black and is strutting her stuff. They are interviewing her on that uncomfortable yellow couch. Apparently today is her show’s 500th episode. NYC Mayor Bloomberg dedicated 4/30 to be Tyra Banks day. OYE.  Now they are discussing who has the best torso. Why am I not surprised the show is headed in this direction. Once again our favorite soap stars are being sidelined. Now Tyra is talking about being star struck by Whoopi.

10:31am: Wow…we didn’t announce our "live blogging" because we weren’t sure how the system would hold up. As of right now there are hundreds of people visiting the site. Apparently the word is spreading fast.

10:32am: Outstanding Younger Actor and Actress. Announcers are Marcy Rylan and Van Hansis.

Younger Actress Nominees

Jennifer Landon (ATWT)
Rachel Melvin (DAYS)
Vail Bloom (Y&R)
Emily O’Brien (Y&R)
Tamin Sursok (Y&R)

Younger Actor Nominees

Van Hansis (ATWT)
Jesse Lee Soffer (ATWT)
Darin Brooks (DAYS)
Tom Pelphrey (GL)
Bryton McClure (Y&R)

Supporting Actress

Kelley Mineghan Hensley (ATWT)
Heather Tom (B&B)
Judi Evans (DAYS)
Gina Tognoni (GL)
Tracey Bregman (Y&R)

Supporting Actor Nominees

Trent Dawson (ATWT)
Daniel Cosgrove (GL)
Brian Kerwin (OLTL)
Kristoff St. John (Y&R)
Greg Rikaart (Y&R)

These things are being read so fast I’m going to have to check spelling later. Apologizing in advance.

Days of Our Lives Bryan Datillo and Alison Sweeney Announced Supporting Actor & Actress.

10:39am: I’m in shock at all these Days of Our Lives’ nominations. Not because they aren’t deserving but because it seems like something must have changed in how the votes are tallied. Up against ABC and CBS Days of Our Lives hasn’t had this many nominations in years.


Outstanding Talk Show Informative

A Place of Our Own (PBS)
Dr. Phil
Tyra Banks Show

Oustanding Talk Show Entertainment

Rachael Ray
The View

Oustanding Talk Show Host

Ellen DeGeneres
Regis Philbin & Kelly Ripa
The View Cohosts (will write names later)

Announced by Cameron Mathison and Rebecca Budig.


Announced by One Life to Live’s Farah Fath and John-Paul Lavoisier

Oustanding Lead Actor

David Canary (AMC)
Thaao Penglhlis (DAYS)
Tony Geary (GH)
Peter Bergman (Y&R)
Christian Jules Leblanc (Y&R)

Oustanding Lead Actress

Maura West (ATWT)
Crystal Chappell (GL)
Nicole Forester (GL)
Michelle Stafford (Y&R)
Jeanne Cooper (Y&R)

Outstanding Drama Series

General Hospital
Guiding Light
One Life to Live
Young and Restless

10:51am: Site is crashing we have so much traffic. I can’t freaking believe this. There are so many of you online that that we’re at 30 times our normal average. Imagine if we had announced coverage ahead of time.

The View ladies just announced that SoapNet will be having a LIVE 2hr red carpet special before the Emmy award show. Tickets are available at Ticketmaster.

11:10am: Total "Major" Nominations

Of the categories announced on screen and if I’ve added these up correctly while trying to get the site back online from all the traffic. I think the total for each show stands as follows. Will be double checking.

Young & Restless (12)
As the World Turns (6)
Guiding Light (6)
Days of Our Lives (4)
One Life to Live (1)
General Hospital (2)
All My Children (1)
Bold & Beautiful (1)

I want to say a HUGE shoutout to all who joined us for the LIVE Emmy blogging. I can’t believe how many people showed up. You crashed the site and we just upgraded two months ago. Impressive. 

Thank you for bearing with us and stay tuned for more updates on our coverage of the 35th Annual Daytime Emmy Award Nominations.

23 Responses

  1. Profile photo of loveliason65

    I love Carolyn Hennessy but Becky has had an awesome year of work.

    TC has only had moments of greatness but like Becky Steve has turned masterful perfomances this year.

  2. Profile photo of daisyclover1938

    I actually put down Carolyn Hennesy as one of my picks. I’d love to see her get nominated, and I think she’s got a real shot. And I def think TC being in the Lead category is going to hurt him. I think he did a fantastic job this past year and he came thisclose to being one of my picks… if he had been in Supporting I think he would have gotten a nom for sure.

  3. Profile photo of daisyclover1938

    I put Diedre Hall as one of my picks :) I know it’s somewhat of a longshot, but she had a great year and she’s much loved.

    Emmy nod I would be most shocked by? Mackenzie Mauzy. A lovely girl, but it ain’t happening…

  4. Profile photo of Belinda

    I’m not a big fan of the daytime Emmy’s I mean the WAY they do things and pick their winners is just WHACKED. I love to see the stars all gussied up in their finery though!

    The Daytime Diva, Daytime Confidential~ ABC Edition, View from the Recliners Edge

  5. Profile photo of daisyclover1938

    I have no idea why I get so excitd about the Daytime Emmys, because it really is political and the whole process doesn’t seem very fair. But I can’t help myself! I get so into it :)

  6. Profile photo of DS9Sisko

    This is UGLY!! NO ABC nominations in the supporting categories? YIKES!

    “The truth is just an excuse for lack of imagination.” – Garak, Deep Space Nine

  7. Profile photo of Maverick

    I didn’t mind the delays because Hasslecrack got served!

    WTH!? Kristen Storms didn’t get nominated?! I am in shock! The same with Vail Bloom/Tammin/Emily. THEY got nominated!? THEY DID!? That’s crazy!! Sorry but they just didn’t do it for me and weren’t on that much! She was STELLAR when Georgie died!! That is just a damn shame! Looks like Victoria Rowell wasn’t off the mark with the nomination process..

    No schuckin’ and jivin’ when dishing about soaps!

  8. Profile photo of jeopardy

    Did anybody watch live on the view!! It was all aweful and shockingly horrible!!!

    There were so many people that didn’t get nominated that soooo deserved it and too many WTFs!!!

    I sat there as my jaw dropped when they read the younger actress category and everybody who set foot on Y&R got a nomination and even Rachel Melvin got a nomination but not Kirsten Storms!!! OMG

    I’ll come back to the rest of this in a minute

    there was a trend to nominate people from days of our lives. . .They were not really those I would have chosen, but man. . .
    Ok I am a huge Thaao Penglis fan, but if I were to chose someone from days in that category it would have been Steve Nichols.

    Then I love Judi Evans but she had a couple good tearful scenes as Bonnie and that gets her a nom???

    Max (Darin Brooks) is ok but Blake Berris did a better job–especially during the Willow death scenes. . .

    Did anybody watch the tapes

    did they even watch Nicole Forester!!!!!!!!!! If they did they wouldn’t have voted for her. why GOD why

    No Marcy Rylan. . . really??? This year I would have given it to her over half they field–no offense to the nomines.

    Supprting actor I don’t have too much of a gripe with I really hope Trent Dawson or Danny Cosgrove win.

  9. Profile photo of DS9Sisko

    I’m trying to figure out the following:

    Exactly WHY was ABC practically shut out of the acting categories?

    HOW did Days finally manage to break through after years of being ignored?

    WHY did Y&R get so many, especially in the supporting cats?

    and WHAT the hell was up with Paul Lavossier?

    “The truth is just an excuse for lack of imagination.” – Garak, Deep Space Nine

  10. Profile photo of DS9Sisko

    From (reprint of print edition):

    Nominations for the 35th annual Daytime Emmys will be announced live on The View April 30, and I’m expecting some ghastly nods due to an expanded system that has allowed 143 actors on the ballot (a third more than last year).

    Never mind that most of ‘em shouldn’t be permitted anywhere near an Emmy, that’s give or take two dozen in each of the acting categories! Several judges tell me they couldn’t view that much footage (each actor submits two episodes) and voted without seeing all the work. Some chose not to vote at all.

    Plus, there’s the usual nonsense: Several lead players, most egregiously All My Children’s Alicia Minshew (Kendall), are hogging spots on the supporting list. And some of the best work isn’t on the ballot. Where’s General Hospital’s Kelly Monaco (Sam)? Guiding Light’s Beth Ehlers (Harley)? Without them, it’s not a fair fight.

    And get this — the TV academy has decided to drop the follow-up round of voting after the nominees are announced. The winners will already be known based on this screwy preliminary vote and kept quiet until the award are passed out June 20. What will happen? Let’s hope for the best but prepare for the worst. — Michael Logan

    “The truth is just an excuse for lack of imagination.” – Garak, Deep Space Nine

  11. Profile photo of At50

    I agree with those who thought Kirsten Storms should have been nominated this year. She really did a great job with Maxie mourning Georgie.

  12. Profile photo of

    Time for me to weigh in and I’m am so upset with the Younger Actress Category. I had to yell “WTF?” in front of a room of strangers today.

    Vail Bloom got nominated? For what? Did Tammin Sursock get nominated for her accent because it wasn’t the acting. These two spots could have gone to Marcy Rylan, Kristen Alderson, The girl who plays Langston (can’t remember her name right now, or Kristin Storms. I’m a Y&R person so you know that says something.

    Loved see Van Hansis up. This is going to be his year.

    As for the supporting categories OLTL & GH got ripped off this year. I had to tell it. Where are the noms. Kathy Brier where art thou? I was ticked off at that.

    BTW Jeanne Cooper needs to get an Emmy but Lead? Not this year. Deidre Hall should have been in her place.

  13. Profile photo of Jenni

    What the heck, how could Y&R do so well? 3 in the younger actress, I am not fond of their teen/young adult storylines and question what the Emmy commitee see that I don’t. Kristen Storms was totally robbed, she was totally amazing this year mourning Georgie and Coop.

  14. Profile photo of KingTV

    Disappointing as usual. The same names, the same actors and for stpsyrlines that either stunk or did not exist. Exactly what was Jeanne Cooper’s leading story. I love Y&R. It is my favorite show but it absolutely did not deserve the bulk of the nominations. Thankfully Van Hansis got a nom. Too bad “Diane” from GH or “ALEXIS” did not. They had strong supporting year. But to end all ridiculousness and show that the Daytime Emmys are a useless measure of what is the best in daytime, “Jana,” “Heather” and NU-“Colleen” were nominated for younger leading actress. That shows that the rule and regulations need some definitive changes. 2 of those actresses are terrible and one of them hardly has a role at all. Why wasn’t Melody Thomas Scott nominated or Deirdre Hall or Kristian Alfanso. Or Marcy Rylan or Laura Wright. This may just be the worst, undeserving bunch of nominees in the history of the Daytime Emmys. I am not taking away from anyone nominated who should be proud and all but when you watch as much soap as I do, you actually see the performances and know them and this seems like names were drawn from a hat. Judi Evans is an excellent actress but she hardly deserved a supporting actress nom for the 3 minutes she was on DOOL last year. And “Tony” from DOOL? I could go on and on and on but there is no use in complaining until someone take a good hard look at the pre-nominating system and actually does something about it. Were any OLTL actors nominated even though all I heard about was how they are the best show for the last 9 months? At least they got the show nom but none of it makes any sense to me at all. This is a disgrace and The View’s presentation of the noms gets an “F” from me.

  15. Profile photo of Jammylove

    I am actually really happy that Nicole Forrester got a nom you might hate her but shes going to submit her crazy tapes the scenes with Tammy dying are impressive to say the least . and This is really Tom pelphrey’s year Sorry love Van but Tom’s scenes with Steph (tammy) Dying? come on no one can beat that. Love Love Love Gina Tognoni and Daniel Crosgrove SOO HAPPY really sad that Marcy didnt get a much so deserved nom because I was picking her reel tape out in my head.

  16. Profile photo of soaphunks

    I thought there were two actresses who were absolute locks this year: Kathy Brier and Kirsten Storms. So much for that. Meanwhile, everyone drawing breath at Y&R gets nominated, which is ridiculous in that everyone I know who knows soaps acknowledges Y&R had a down year, one which just saw its head writer fired. That’s supposed to be on par with a year of Emmy-worthy excellence. Ha!

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