One Life To Live: Who Should Rex Be With, Gigi Or Adriana?

Just when One Life to Live‘s Rex (John-Paul Lavoisier) finally seems to have it all, a new "dad", the girl of his dreams-minus her mother’s meddling-(or so he thinks) in walks Gigi (Farah Fath), the sassy, street smart girl he dated 10 years ago, complete with a pretty cool kid in tow. So what’s a guy to do? Should Rex finally head down that aisle with Adriana (Melissa Fumero), or see if he and Gigi have a shot at happiness?

One Life To Live: Who Should Rex Be With, Gigi Or Adriana?

  • The chemistry between Rex and Gigi is off the charts! He should be with his baby mama! (84%, 633 Votes)
  • Adriana of course. They've gone through too much, namely Dorian, not to end up together! (16%, 117 Votes)

Total Voters: 750


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  1. Profile photo of daisyclover1938

    yeah, I never loved Adriana (though I never hated her either) but I’ve been liking her more lately. And in scenes where Rex/Gigi are flirting or making googly eyes at each other, I’m kind of like “Hey, back off Gigi!” which is really surprising me! :)

  2. Profile photo of tgable07

    It took towards the end of her stint and a new haircut for Adriana to get a personality it may be a little bit of a bitch but its still a personality and now I kind of like her embracing her inner Dorian. However, Rex and Gigi have that quirky chemistry that I love so much.

  3. Profile photo of ABCJunky73


    Rex should be with Gigi! i do love Bitchy Bangs thou. When Adriana was revealed to be Dorians daughter, it was little watching a young Cassie, which I love Cassie by the way, but with Gigi in the picture, Adriana is showing us more and more that she is definatly Dorians daughter!


  4. Profile photo of HardCandy

    OMG I was thinking that maybe he should be with GIGI Adriana is letting this jealously thing get to her! Its like her entire life has been dedicated to finding out more about Gigi! I have a feeling this might backfire for her.

  5. Profile photo of Boidiva02

    Gigi… without a doubt—i’d like to see Gigi and Rex together and Adrianna leave town… than i’d like to see Brody get involved with either Marty or Sarah.

    Wishing Lucy Coe was still around!

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