Oustanding Supporting Actor Emmy Nominations

Congrats to Trent Dawson, Daniel Cosgrove, Brian Kerwin, Kristoff St. John and Greg Rikaart. Best of luck. This is going to be a tough category to predict.

This could be a tough category. I can’t fault any of the actors nominated in this category because each is a true supporting actor. However, at first glance there seems to be some obvious omissions amongst the nominations. Where is One Life to Live’s Tuc Watkins? Is John-Paul Lavoiser suffering from the same thing Trent Dawsom did for years, in that Rex is to much of a comedic character? Why isn’t at least one of the three actors from General Hospital nominated?

Looking at the prenominations list below and comparing it to the nominees above is there anyone who you feel is missing from this list or who should be on it instead of someone else?

Outstanding Supporting Actor Pre-Nominees
AMC: Jeffrey Carlson, Jacob Young, and Billy J. Miller
ATWT: Trent Dawson, Grayson McCouch, and Austin Peck
B&B: William deVry, Patrick Duffy, and Dax Griffin
DAYS: Bryan Dattilo, Jay Kenneth Johnson, and Joseph Mascolo
GH: Bradford Anderson, Rick Hearst, and Sebastian Roche
GL: Murray Bartlett, Jordan Clarke, and Daniel Cosgrove
OLTL: Brian Kerwin, John-Paul Lavoisier, and Tuc Watkins
Passions: Christopher Maleki, Phillip Jeanmarie, and Eric Martsolf
Y&R: Greg Rikaart, Ted Shackelford, and Kristoff St. John

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  1. Profile photo of soaphunks

    Boy did they bungle this one. Tuc Watkins, John-Paul Lavoisier, and Austin Peck were owed nominations here, and not a damn one of them made it. Shame, shame, Emmy voters!

  2. Profile photo of daisyclover1938

    Another category that I got totally wrong in my predictions – I only got one! I thought It would be Bradford Anderson, Sebasian Roche, Austin Peck and Ted Shackelford. The ONE that I got right was the one I REALLY wanted: Brian Kerwin!!! YAY!!!! I LOVE HIM and I love his performance as Charlie!!

  3. Profile photo of DS9Sisko

    Few complaints here other than Greg Rikaart and Kristoff St. John. YEs, they are great actors, but — like many other categories — they get the “Oh no, not them again” eyeroll given that again there was so much better work done by other actors this particular season:

    [b]John Brotherton[/b] (Jared, OLTL),[b] Sebastian Roche[/b] (Jerry, GH), [b]Jerry ver Dorn[/b] (Clint, OLTL), [b]Robert Bogue[/b] (Mallet, GL), and J[b]ay Kenneth Johnson[/b] (Phillip, Days) all turned in superior work this year through good stroyline or bad. And lest you think I’m down on Y&R, Ted Shackleford (Jeffrey) has been amazing despite the overkill with Gloria’s storyline.

    (Sorry,[i] Bold & Beautiful[/i], I got nothing).

    “The truth is just an excuse for lack of imagination.” – Garak, Deep Space Nine

  4. Profile photo of muze

    I don’t think Y&R should’ve gotten any supporting noms this year. Rikkart is amusing but pretty one-note as an actor. Of course he’s another Gloria accessory so I think this is a wasted nomination.

    I’m not into Kristoff St. John this year, although he’s always watchable and in character, there are more deserving guys. I can’t stand watching Ted Shackleford, and I know I’m in the minority there.

    And Austin Peck, come on! No nomination for him as supporting or lead, that is so wrong.

    Quite surprised not to see another actor from OLTL. Jerry Ver Dorn could be in there. Next year should be better for ABC because Darnell WIlliams and Debbi Morgan have been spectacular. If they get snubbed…I will be pissed.

  5. Profile photo of daisyclover1938

    I agree Muze! Kristoff St. John always brings in solid performances, but I don’t think his stuff was Emmy worthy this year considering all the other actors that should have been nominated. Same with Rikaart, who is perfectly fine, but who shouldn’t have been picked over Peck, Shackelford, etc…

    And ITA, next year Williams and Morgan WILL be nominated!!

  6. Profile photo of joshua2854

    Some surprises here, I’m a little surprised that Brian Kerwin was nominated so late in the emmy season. In addition, a little surprised at Cosgrove. Not that I don’t think he is awesome, just an interesting choice. A little stunned that Rick Hearst, annual nominee, didn’t get a nod.

    In this group, I kinda think the Y&R dudes (credit to Luke) may cancel each other . . .

    I gotta believe and cross my fingers and say “PLEASE” that with this field, this is Trent Dawson’s year!

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