Oustanding Younger Actor Emmy Nominations

Congrats to the Oustanding Younger Actor Nominees Van Hansis, Jesse Lee Soffer, Darin Brooks, Tom Pelphrey and Bryton McClure! May the best man win.

Now that we finally have our five nominees for the Younger Actor category lets discuss who didn’t make it. This category sort of played out as I expected it with the exception of Darin Brooks and that like all the other Days of Our Lives nominations has nothing to do with Days of Our Lives’ talent as much as the fact I didn’t expect anyone from the show to get nominations. So much for me being able to predict nominations.

Looking at the Pre-Nominations list below and comparing it to the nominees above is there anyone who you feel is missing from this list or who should be on it instead of someone else?

Outstanding Younger Actor Pre-Nominees
ATWT: Van Hansis, Jake Siberman, and Jesse Lee Sofer
DAYS: Blake Berris, Darin Brooks, and Matthew Florida
GH: Dylan Cash and Josh Duhon
GL: Lawrence Saint-Victor, Tom Pelphrey, and John Driscoll
OLTL: Brandon Buddy, Edward Alderson, and Jason Tam
Passions: Adrian Bellani and Blair Redford
Y&R: Hunter Allen and Bryton McClure

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  1. Profile photo of daisyclover1938

    Overall, I was okay with these noms. I had predicted Hansis, Pelphrey and Sofer – they were pretty safe bets. BUT I also put Dylan Cash and Brandon Buddy. Both were just personal favorites of mine.

    I was really surprised with Brooks and McClure. They’re fine actors, but I did watch both of them last year and didn’t find anything particularly great about their performances. They just didn’t standout to me…

    Is it to early to predict a winner? I’m thinking it’s going to be a dead heat between Pelphrey and Hansis (I’m rooting for Hansis!!)

  2. Profile photo of THEBEST

    Pelphrey & McClure already got their Emmys. I’m happy for Van & Darin. Go Days!!! I hated Will on ATWT, so Soffer doesn’t do much for me.

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  3. Profile photo of KingTV

    Bryant MClure has no reason being nominated. He is a good actor. His deaf story was good and he deserved the Emmy that year but he had no story last year other then sticking his nose into Lily’s business. I would have replaced him with Dylan Cash from GH and substituted the actor who plays “Noah” on ATWT for Sofer.

    It seems much too obvious that the nominating committees are not watching all of the reels and they don’t seem to really care about who deserves the slot based on story and acting.

    I hope Van Hansis wins. I love that DOOL got all the acting noms that they did but they picked the wrong younger leading man to nominate. Darin Brooks really did not have the story to back up the nom and maybe the young man who plays “Will” would have been a better choice.

  4. Profile photo of Tripp

    I can’t for the life of me figure out how Darrin Brooks got nominated given I can’t think of any scene he played last year that would support it. I much would prefer Blake Berris.

  5. Profile photo of terrifictam

    Bryant MClure what?? I watch YR everyday and I have no idea how he got nominiated again this year. He hardly had a decent storyline all year.

    Go Hansis!!!

    I would have liked to have seen Dylan Cash nominated. He wasn’t strongly featured but he’s always been a great actor and I’m sad they fired him.

  6. Profile photo of DS9Sisko

    A really good crop of folks, but as fantastic as Tom Pelphrey and Jesse Lee Sofer are and have been for the last few years, this past nominating season– given that the former was a guest star and the latter was given little to do– those slots would have been better served by Paul Lavossier from OLTL and Bradford Anderson (Spinelli) on GH.

    And Bryton McClure? Just what the hell is it that Emmy voters see in him?

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  7. Profile photo of Jorpa

    For a character I hated so much to make me cry so hard, Tom Pelphrey better win!

    I’m still confused on why Bryton McClure got nominated. I like him, but I can barely remember what he did last year.

  8. Profile photo of syrus

    Bryton McClure never should’ve won the year he did (or be nominated, period!) and he most certainly doesn’t deserve it this year either!

  9. Profile photo of muze

    ITA Bradford Anderson. That kid is great and he’s showing range.

    Also wanted to see Dylan Cash.

    We all love Pelphrey but it was a limited run.

    Now that kid who played Evil Will was awesome. The Demon Seed should’ve been nominated.

    I would probably nominate EJ Bonilla over Darin Brooks. He had a few nice moments. Both of them have a ways to go but Bonilla had a bigger story.

    Van should win this hands down.

  10. Profile photo of dsrbroadway

    “Bryton McClure? Didn’t he not have a last name a couple of years ago?…He’s black, right? Well, we gotta show some diversity somewhere on this thing. Watch tapes? No, we all know we’re giving to Tom, and we’ve been watching 180 hours of this stuff already, let’s just call it a day.” – Emmy Committee

  11. Profile photo of joshua2854

    Ok, I understand two of these nominations from a merit perspective – Van Hansis and Pelfrey . . . excellent! I understand that both Brooks and the unnominated Blake Berris are both great actors on DAYS – why they chose Brooks over Berris is a mystery (the clips must have been very good for Mr. Brooks) . . . But why in the name of Jake Silberman are McClure and Sofer here. I understand they are emmy mainstays BLAH BLAH BLAH . . .but seriously, no viable storylines. UGH! I really didn’t think that Jake Silberman deserved a nod, but on this list, he should seriously be here. Perplexing list . . .

    Much like Trent Dawson, I think this has to be Van Hansis’ year.

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