Outstanding Lead Actress Nominations

Congrats to Maura West, Crystal Chappell, Nicole Forester, Michelle Stafford and Jeanne Cooper. May the best lead actress win. You are in good company.

ABC and Days of Our Live fans must be furious. For the second year in a row ABC’s shows have been locked out of this category. Days of Our Lives hasn’t had a Lead Actress nomination since Eileen Davidson’s nomination ten years ago. In fact if you look at the nominees this year only one face has changed. Guiding Light’s Nicole Forester filled the spot left vacant by Guiding Light’s Kim Zimmer who wasn’t nominated this year. If one looks at all of the Days of Our Lives nominations this year one would expect to see a nomination for Deidre Hall or Alison Sweeney.

If I’m not mistaken this was the first year General Hospital’s Megan Ward made the prenominations list so it doesn’t surprise me that she didn’t get a nomination. However, I did sort of expect a nomination for Nancy Lee Grahn or Laura Wright. And what of Bold & Beautiful? You know things must be rough when Susan Flannery can’t get a nomination though as one of daytime’s most underrated actresses the fact that Katherine Kelly Lang didn’t get a nomination doesn’t surprise me. With two nominations for the Young and Restless I would have expected Melody Thomas Scott to pick up a nomination considering her character Nikki had quite the year going up against both Victor and Jack. Obviously I have no clue as to how the Emmy Academy votes.

Looking at the prenominations list below and comparing it to the nominees above is there anyone who you feel is missing from this list or who should be on it instead of someone else?

Outstanding Lead Actress Pre-Nominees
AMC: Bobbie Eakes and Susan Lucci
ATWT: Martha Byrne, Terri Colombino, and Maura West
B&B: Susan Flannery, Hunter Tylo, and Katherine Kelly Lang
DAYS: Deidre Hall and Alison Sweeney
GH: Nancy Lee Grahn, Megan Ward, and Laura Wright
GL: Crystal Chappell and Nicole Forrester
OLTL: Erika Slezak, Kassie DePaiva, and Robin Strasser
Passions: Lindsay Hartley, McKenzie Westmore, and Tracey Ross
Y&R: Jeanne Cooper, Melody Thomas Scott, and Michelle Stafford

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    Well I only got two on this one: Maura West and Nicole Forrester. I knew Forrester was going to get it & I’m so glad. I know that I’m in the minority, but I watched a lot of her work last year & thought she did a really great job. And I’ve ALWAYS hated the character of Cassie…I mean HATED. But I found Forrester completely believable and she is always in the moment. Unfortunately she’s stuck in an unpopular coupling and is given garbage to speak everyday, but I think she’s a wonderful actress that gives it her all.

    But Susan Flannery, Katherine Kelly Lang and Diedre Hall were robbed! These actresses had an amazing year. In particular Lang did a great job. Her rape s/l was handled ATROCIOUSLY (it was on my Worst list for 2007) but Lang did her finest work ever. I think there’s a stigma when it comes to most of the B&B actors, and that’s a shame :(

    And of course, I have to give a shout out to Kelly Monaco, who was in the unfortunate position of having her character suddenly turned into a one dimensional caricature. Despite the lazy and nonsensical writing, KeMo was riveting and managed to take crap (revenge sex!) and, w/ Greg Vaughan, turn it into gold (GO LUSAM!!!)

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    Boo – no Katherine Kelly Lang. Oh well, I love me some Michelle Stafford, and Jeanne Cooper is a legend (but lead actress?! Hmm). Oh, and why no Melody Thomas Scott? She was the only thing kept me awake during Victoria’s interminable coma.

    PS I only watch B&B and Y&R, so I’ll have to trust their judgement ;)


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    I’m almost happy that Katherine Kelly Lang didn’t get nom’d this year. She should defintely get it next year for the stuff she’s doing now.

    Jeanne Cooper is in the wrong category. There is no way for her to win this one. Although I love the actress she really wasn’t played that often to get this particular category.

    Mel Scott IGNORED again? I hate that especially since she had some great stuff this year.

    Diedre Hall should have been in there.

    Lastly, I am sad Lindsey Hartley from Passions didn’t get a farwell nod as well. She really held that show up practically by herself. If anyone on that show deserved anything it’s her.

    PS: Totally disagree about Nicole Forrester. Even though I’ve never been a fan of hers she should have been nom’d next year not this year.

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    First, Jeanne Cooper in LEAD? Really? I mean…really? What the FRAK is that about? I do like this category, although I honestly think that [b]Laura Wright [/b](Carly, GH) should be on this as an expanded list. I say expanded because I know there are a lot of folks who don’t like Nicole Forester on the list but I disagree 100%. Forester has successfully and convincingly played a mother undone and unraveled by her ongoing grief over the death of her beloved daughter.

    Cassie is written as hardened, bitter, and increasingly mentally unbalanced; any fault that people may find with the character is not the fault of the actress because that is what she is asked to play. Ms. Forrester unfairly catches a lot of flack, but in my opinion she consistently delivers spot on performances even when the material fails her.

    As for others I would include in an expanded list (…remember last year there were EIGHT actresses nominated), [b]Kristian Alphonso[/b] (Hope, Days) and [b]Mary Rylan[/b] (Lizzie, GL) would earn a spot.

    “The truth is just an excuse for lack of imagination.” – Garak, Deep Space Nine

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    I’m a Nicole Forrester hater, I’ve tried, I just don’t get it. This is a puzzling list because everybody here did a nice job. And even though I’m a CBS (and Days) girl, I don’t think CBS should own the entire category.

    First of all the two vets, Melody Thomas Scott and Diedre Hall, did some of their best work last year. Melody was the only great thing to come out of the Clear Springs debacle. Watching her act her butt off fighting Victor and standing by Victoria was awesome. AND she did is sans makeup, for weeks on end. Give it up for her on that.

    Hall really surprised me. She usually annoyed me but last year the gloves were finally off! We got the assertive, intelligent Marlena back and Diedre kicked butt!

    Third, I think I may have given Allison Sweeney the nod. But then I’m a Sami lover.

    Fourth, Marcie Ryland. Just copy what I said about Austin Peck. Comedy is hard people. Plus she had amazing moments when Jonathan showed back up with the baby.

    Fifth — Laura Wright. I loved her as Cassie and I think she’s amazing as Carly. (You can tell from those clips on soapnet that she clearly gets inside that character’s head: she recognizes Carly’s total narcissism, saying Carly thinks she owns Jason, Sonny and Jax and no women can have them. So true.)

    Still it feels weird criticizing the other CBSers cause I love Maura West and Michelle Stafford is fabulous…But not as she’s currently being written. Let’s hope Stafford is next year’s Hall… Stop the personality transplant. I want my scheming redhead back.

    I’ve always loved watching Crystal Chappel work even when they de-fang Olivia, but I’m not feeling an Emmy nom.

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    I almost hit the TV when I saw Nicole Forrester’s name up there. How in the world could she have beat out so many talented lead actresses.

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    The blonde and CBS soap thing is a little harsh. . .
    Plus The Stafford is a red head

    The category was not as bad as some. There weren’t many people from the ABC soaps from this category that I though really got passed over. You could maybe argue Erika Slezak, but she has won a billion times before.

    I don’t for the life of me understand the Nicole Forester thing. I know she had the tapes, but I HATE Cassie and don’t believe that she should have been nominated at all.

    Melody Thomas Scott should have been nominated instead of Jeane Cooper.

    I’m pulling for Maura West to do a repeat win. I would have pulled for Martha Byrne had she been nominated.

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    It is absolutely a TRAVESTY of Emmy justice and a disgrace to the actula Academy of whoever they are that votes that Katherine Kelly Lang for one of her best stories and performances EVER was not nominated and Melody Thomas Scott had a much stronger year then either Michelle Stafford or Jeanne Cooper (leading actress? Not anymore great-grandma. I love her but lets get real). I understand that Michelle was playing the old time Emmy fave of dual roles but it was such a stupid story line. And where the heck was Dierdre Hall for her unforgettable scenes when John “died.” She hot a game winning grand slam home-run and has been at it ever since.

    Nicole Forrester? WTH? For what? For crying over Tammy who died 2 years ago or for stealing her sister’s love of life. I am not even a fan of her work so I am biased but the spot could have been filled with so many other worthy contenders. Wasn’t Erika Slezak supposed to have been amazing during her Paris, texas story? Even Laura Wright always manages to turn in fully realized, beautiful acting no matter what she is handed.

    Also – what about Allison Sweeney? What does the woman have to do to get a nomination?

    This whole nominating process is suspicious and unfair and not being voted on by people who truly know and love this genre.

  9. Profile photo of daisyclover1938

    KingTV: I think Allison Sweeney’s only shot would be if she submitted herself for Supporting Actress. I know that’s Ridiculous because she’s clearly a leading lady (practically carrying that show for years) but heck since everyone else is playing it politically, she might as well too. If AMC has the nerve to put Alicia Minshew in Supporting than they might as well have tried doing that for Sweeney. I don’t know if it would have worked, but I think it would give her a better shot.

    And I definitely know I’m in the minority but I do think Forrester deserves the nomination. I think Tammy’s death was the beginning of last year (when I was still watching the show) so it was still fresh in 2007, and Forrester had a lot of sad/anger scenes, which I’m sure voters LOVE.

    Also, I’ve heard that Kim Zimmer didn’t submit her name this year (which she’s known to do from time to time) does anyone think it’s possible she did that so Forrester would have a better chance at getting a nom?

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    KingTv: They are doing this from a year ago.. So its not like the eppisode will be tammy died to years ago lets cry about it. This is the after effect of Tammy’s death and I posted in the fourms a year ago that she would get it and look what happened…. hahah I hope she wins it.

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    Another interesting category . . . again, I see names that are familiar and might seem like safe choices to voters who might not watch the reels. NOT TO SAY that all five of these actresses aren’t talented and wonderful, but . . . er . . . um . . . yeah. Anyway, of these five Maura West is definitely worthy. I don’t watch Y&R, but from the podcast, it doesn’t really seem like Michelle Stafford and La Cooper were deserving this year. Also, I only checking in with Ill-Lit, um, er, I mean Guiding Light occassionally, but SERIOUSLY, Cassie Winslow? Nicole Forrester is a good enough actress, but come on. Laura Wright can’t snag a nod in this role, but Forrester can? I’ve got no qualms with Chappell, she kinda rules . . . more so in the old DAYS as Carly . . .

    As far as a winner . . . I’m torn . . . My gut says that La Cooper may pull out a win on reputation, but I think Crystal Chappell may have a good chance as the dark horse.

    Where is Erica Slezak? Robin Strasser? Allison Sweeney? Particularly La Strasser and Slezak . . . just a crime.

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    I would rather that each category has 8 nominees, so that way all the soaps can have a chance at the Emmy.

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