Bold & Beautiful: Brandon Beemer Joins Cast!

Just week’s after we asked former Days of Our Lives’ star Brandon Beemer here on the Daytime Confidential podcast about online speculation that he may be headed to the Bold & Beautiful and were told "nothing is set in stone" comes word that he has officially joined the cast of the West Coast soap.

According to Soap Opera Digest Brandon Beemer has been cast in the role of a new character.

It would seem that Brad Bell may be wanting to beef up the young hunk quotient on the #2 rated soap with the additions of Brandon Beemer and Texas Battle (read  Texas Battle story here) to the cast. This shouldn’t come as much of a surprise considering most of the show’s current hunks (excluding Kyle Lowder and the rarely seen Mykel Shannon) are getting a bit "long-in-the-tooth" to still be passed off as "young hunks."

Of course the other question now becomes "who will Brandon Beemer and Texas Battle be paired with"? One would assume that with Rick Forrester is in a relationship with Taylor that pairing one or both men’s new characters with Phoebe could be expected. Unless of course the show has intentions to bring in another young starlett. Then it would be any one’s guess as to who might end up with whom.

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    I think it’s a good call to bring him on as a new character. It’s way too incestuous on that show and we need to bring people on who aren’t a Logan or a Forrester. That said, I’m somewhat worried, because non-Logan/non-Forresters tend not to last too long on this show (with a few exceptions.) I’m really hoping that B&B is committed to beefing up it’s younger cast! We need a solid next generation on here – STAT!

    Now lets recast Phoebe, get Amber, Deacon & Thomas back and maybe we’ve got something going here!

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    Just watch them pair him with Phoebe :(

    Totally agree with daisyclover – Deacon, Amber and Thomas could be put to great use and there could be some brilliant storyline potential. I’m praying we won’t have to endure anything like the BoldFace challenge EVER AGAIN!

    He would’ve been perfect as Thomas, but, oh well…

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    Yeah Marone_Macaroni, they probably will try to pair him with Phoebe, which is why we need a recast Phoebe NOW!!

    Of course, Brooke will certainly have first dibs on him, so we’ve got a little time before they pair him with Phoebe, or Bridget for that matter.

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    Well, they would certainly look beautiful together!! Being with Brooke is a rite of passage on the show, so I’d rather them do it in the beginning and get it over with.

    Awhile ago Jay we all were talking about Rick/Taylor and you had the idea of Brooke sleeping with Thomas. I still LOVE that… Taylor and Brooke sleeping with each other’s sons is BRILLIANT and Hilarious!!

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    Mike Jubinville

    Yes, Luke…Jackie’s bubble bath awaits! We love Pam, but considering her mental state, I wouldn’t wish it on him. Stephanie??? Oh, I think I gotta poke my eyes out!

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    It would be really interesting to pair him up with Katie. B&B needs a fresh new romantic triangle. Who would be the other side if that triangle who knows but Katie needs to live a little.

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    Mike Jubinville

    I’m didn’t mean it to come out that way, but the visual took over. Steph should hook up with the pool boy (someone has to be cleaning out that pool)…but not for too long…it may turn her nice and sweet and we can’t have that!

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    Jamey Giddens

    I have said it before and I will say it again, he should play Thomas Forrester. Look at him! He looks like Ron Moss and Hunter’s kid! But oh well, I’m just happy they got him, he will rock on that show!

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