General Hospital: If They Were Ever Allowed To Go No Holds Barred, Who Would Win, Maxie Or Lulu?

I know a lot of people find catfights on soaps objectionable or sexist, but I can’t help it, I LOVE me a good girlfight. It reminds me of the good old days of Dynasty when Krystal Carrington would get a piece of Alexis at least once a season.

In recent years General Hospital has had some of the best feline rivalries on daytime, Liz vs. Sam, Carly vs. Sam, Carly vs. Liz, Carly vs. Robin. Okay…Carly vs. EVERYONE! My favorite bee youch battle has been the on going Battle of the Blondes between Maxie and Lulu.

Have you ever noticed that they never actually get to finish duking it out? Usually the way it happens is Maxie pops off at the mouth, then Lulu pops her in the mouth, then they are broken up. I wonder, if these two were ever really allowed to go toe-to-toe, which one would come out on top?

General Hospital: If They Were Ever Allowed To Go No Holds Barred, Who Would Win, Maxie Or Lulu?

  • I really don't enjoy catfights, I'd rather see them try to one up each other verbally. (8%, 50 Votes)
  • Lulu may have gotten in a lot of cheap shots, but if given the chance Maxie would rip her a new one! (74%, 451 Votes)
  • Lulu without a doubt! Spencer girls don't play! (18%, 109 Votes)

Total Voters: 610


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    Lulu is a little rough around the edges, but I think that she’s all talk. Maxie would dig in that ass. It would at least be a good tie.

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    Both of them are pretty tough cookies, and it would be a great fight, but Maxie would definitely win!! Lulu’s downfall would be all that crazy hair of hers…it’s so easy to pull!!

    I love catfights!! They are the ultimate guilty pleasures for me!! I used to get such a kick out of the Dynasty catfights (I still watch them on YouTube!!) Krystal vs. Alexis were awesome, they really used to go at it!! Sammy Jo had a few great fights too!

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    Lulu’s always slapping Maxie when there’s someone to hold Maxie back. I just know Maxie would kick her ass if given the chance. Hell, if Maxie can’t do it, I will. she’s in serious need of a reality check and a butt whupping.

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    The Spencers were the all around ghetto fab family on GH imo. I would’ve said that nobody can test any of their kin years ago. However.. People are forgetting that Maxie’s FRISCO and FELICIA’S DAUGHTER! They aren’t anything to slouch on! She’s also Mac’s stepdaughter and before he became Joe Law, Mac used to be a mercenary and lets not forget the great Anna Devane and Robert Scorpio along with their offsrping Robin.. Need I say more? Given all that it doesn’t mean that they will shadow their kins footsteps but so far Lulu is in the hustling (like Luke) and savior(like Laura) dept. Just because their family’s badass doesn’t mean they are but Maxie hands down would beat the snot out of Lulu. Lulu may have Carloser as her mentor but they are no match not even the great Luke Spencer’s a match for the Jones/Scorpio/Devane gang! Come on now! Anna’s so glam when she kicks Robert’s ass and anyone else’s! I can definitely see Maxie in some Jimmy Choo’s beating Lulu down! Hell I’d PAY to see that happen, and I bet my girl wouldn’t break a sweat doing it or a nail..

    Jay did you get the lil’ pick me up? ;)

    No schuckin’ and jivin’ when dishing about soaps!

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    Lulu has “won” several of their fight so i tptb will allow Maxie to win one this time. But if I’m honest, I like Maxie but she looks like a strong wind would blow her into next week so I’d give it to the healthier looking of the two ladies.

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    I’d say Maxie would win just because she’d fight dirty from second one. Lulu should also but that’d be the Spencer part of her doing that and she’s not being written Spencer like enough now to do so.

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    Jamey Giddens

    I like both girls, but Lulu would stomp a mudhole in Maxie! LMAO Do y’all SEE how wild Lulu is in those fighting scenes. If someone ever lets her get a good hold of Maxie she will shake her a loose!

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    Grab the popcorn and soda because I would be rooting for Maxie on this. Here is a storyline idea! Have Maxie and Lulu be mysteriously locked up in some closet that nobody ever goes into at the hospital and just let them at it!

    Maxie, Lulu, screaming, ripping into each other over every annoying vise that they have against each other. Lulu, getting a few gabs, but Maxie, head banging Lulu into the wall! I could see Maxie totally going evil on Lulu, even Maxie doing to Lulu what Skye did to Blair on OLTL! A little snip, snip! Oops there goes the hair! And after hearing a loud bang, Aunt Bobbie and Cousin Robin unlocks the closet not only to see a damaged storage closet, but Maxie having pinned down Lulu, getting off her, with only a few scratches, and Lulu turning around with a bloody nose and much shorter hair and Maxie looking down and saying…

    Maxie (wiping blood off her chin): Top that Bitch! So much for Carly 2.0! (Maxie starts to walk out the door, turns around) I feel good Robin! I need a drink! (Maxie exits the scene. Bobbie and Robin look down at Lulu, who is holding her hair)

    Lulu (Sobbing): My hair!!! (Lulu lets out a frightning scream, but Bobbie and Robin starts to laugh)

    Robin: These kids today! Everything is always about a bitch fight!

    Bobbie: At least back then we talked it out before the fists started to fly!

    That is how I whould like a Maxie/Lulu fight!


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    Thank You!!

    I am a writer, none of my works have been published, but I do write a syndicate blog on MySpace called “Tales frome 3rd Shift”! I work at a 24 hour Wal*Mart up in Wisconsin, and I write about all of the wierd things that go on after 10pm at a Wal*Mart store. I’m going to try and work it either into a book or a screenplay thou.

    The Maxie/Lulu thing just came to me as I was watching the above vedio, plus the fact that as a GH veiwer I would love to see a “No Holds Bars” fight with those two!


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    ABCJunky, I’m pretty sure that you’re a good enough writer to save AMC & GH.

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