Bold and the Beautiful: Steffy Comes Back, But Not With Phoebe’s Face

Look for Ridge and Taylor’s other SORAS’ed moppet Steffy to touch down in LA from Paris soon. Our pal Nelson Branco is reporting Bold and the Beautiful has cast Canadian actress Jacqueline MacInnes Wood as Phoebe’s twin. Hmmm, aren’t Phoebe and Steffy identical twins? What does this mean for MacKenzie Mauzy? Is B&B going to pull an Another World and explain the girls looking differently by having one of them injure her face and require reconstructive surgery ala Vicky and Marley when Ellen Wheeler came back to take over the role of Marley from Jensen Buchanan who continued on as Vicky? Stay tuned, we’ll get to the bottom of this!

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    I might have been in the minority w/ the AW thing, but I thought it was brilliant of them…two great Vicky/Marley’s together onscreen!! Very clever!

    I suspect that B&B will not be explaining the inconsistency, lol! I’m just glad that they’re not going to have Mauzy tackle a dual role…oh, it would be a train wreck!! While it would be humorous, it would also be cruel!

    I’m glad they’re taking steps to build up their younger generation. You think this is a sign that Brandon B is going to be paired with Steffy?

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    ITA about the story…what they ended up doing with Marley/Vicky was horrible. I absolutely can’t argue with you on that. But originally, I was very excited to see two of them together on my screen. Vicky/Marley is one of the few examples of me liking ALL the actresses who played the roles.

    I was so happy to have the characters interact together, w/o any bad wigs or awkward editing. I thought it was such a great opportunity, but yeah, then they blew it.

    BTW (sorry, totally off topic) since you are the historian Jamey, did you ever hear the AW myth/fan folklore that it had been hinted Donna actually had three girls, not just Vicki/Marley. Supposedly there was a picture they had shown once that showed three little babies.

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    I am also wondering how will they explain this. It will probably be re-written that they’re fraternal twins.

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    Yeah THEBEST, I think they’re going to probably have some throwaway line… Someone’s going to say to Phoebe, “wow you two don’t look alike” and she’ll say “We’re fraternal twins.” And then we’ll never hear about it again :)

    Until 3 years from now, Mauzy will leave the show and they’ll decide Wood will play both characters and all of a sudden Phoebe and Steffy will be identical again! LOL!!

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    I was hoping that maybe the 3rd baby would have been a girl and then maybe Jensen Buchanan could have come back as that triplet on another show, and maybe Ryan could have had an identical brother that we didn’t know about.

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    Thank you Jamey! I never knew whether there was any truth to that (I do remember a young hunky Scott)!! Well, as far as I’m concerned that means that there is a third “baby” out there somewhere in the soap universe!!

    mrsnoahdrake, I don’t know about you, but Ryan’s death was one of the biggest shocks I ever had!! To this day, I can’t believe they killed him off. And I’m in total denial of Vicky and Jake’s deaths. Didn’t happen!

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    I don’t think this is really much of a big deal. ATWT did it with Frannie/Sabrina (with no mention that I remember)… they weren’t twins, but they had been portrayed by one actor and then weren’t.

    OLTL changed Blair’s race — that, to me, seems more jarring, but it worked in the long run.

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    Daisyclover, yes Ryan’s death was a huge shock. I was under the impression that Paul Micheal Valley wanted to leave, but I think someone on the podcast said that they did it for storyline purposes.
    Ryan’s death is up there with Hope Brady’s “death” (fortunately it’s DAYS where no one dies for too long) and Georgie Jones’s death. I knew from the spoilers that she was going to die, but it was hard to believe that the ONE character on the show that pretty much everyone liked would be killed off.

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    mrsnoahdrake, I think I remember hearing that it wasn’t Valley’s decision to leave too. I will never understand the reasoning behind that. You’ve got a popular actor/character with so much s/l potential and you kill them off?! But then again, this is the same show that made the HUGE mistake of killing off Frankie.

    And you’re right, it was a lot like Georgie’s death, because when I heard about that I thought “What?! WHY?!” I mean there was just no good reason for it. Again, we had a charming actor, popular character w/ so much potential, and out of nowhere they kill her off, just for short-term shock value.

    And the only thing that made Hope’s death bearable was the fact that it was DAYS, so you knew eventually she would be back, LOL!! That’s the one thing about DAYS, there’s no such thing as death! I know a lot of people hate that about DAYS, but that’s something I’ve always liked about it :)

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    GL also made the same mistake with Maureen Bauer. I would take any cockamamie story to get her back alive & well. Maybe her good pal, Roger, whisked her away to a rehabilitation center because she was left comatose. Blake could stumble upon the truth while vacationing in Europe with the help of brother, Sebastian.

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    Jamey Giddens

    Daisy I thought what AW did with the twins was right up there with Lumina as one of the most abominable storylines in Another World’s usually stellar history.

    Ellen Wheeler is a foot taller than Jensen Buchanan. Besides making Marley go all Sheila Carter and lock Vicky up and almost let her die was cartoonish and James E. Reilly-esque, which is what NBC was forcing AW to do back then, try to mimic Reilly’s special brand of tomfoolery.

    I was and still am MORTIFIED. Vicky and Marley are my favorite characters in soaps and that storyline damn near dismantled them. I won’t feel as passionately about Phoebe and Steffy, because I have no real emotional connection to the characters and the new actress looks striking.

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    Jamey Giddens

    Oh on Daisy, that’s no myth. Their originally were supposed to be three babies, but they scraped that idea . The third baby was to be Scott, the adopted child of Reginald Love and Mary McKinnon.

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