Joseph Mascolo Fired From Days Of Our Lives?

Wow! Talk about some serious drama going down over at Days Of Our Lives! The tabloid Globe Magazine is reporting that Joseph Mascolo who plays the ultimate and extremely popular soap villain Stefano DiMera was FIRED after the writers decided to put his character into a coma at the beginning of February Sweeps with no plans for bringing his character back for a final exit story.

This is sure to anger many fans who were hoping for the Phoenix to rise once again considering the lengths to which Days Of Our Lives executives went to lure the actor back to his most popular role last year. This is such a sad state of affairs, considering how former headwriter Hogan Sheffer had written the story of Stefano’s resurrection with EJ’s involvement, followed by the discovery of John being his half-brother. So much potential of a DiMera power struggle within the family now seems to be lost as new headwriter Dena Higley has gone in a totally different direction with the show.

This is what the Globe article mentioned about the firing:

"Longtime soap star Joseph Mascolo is furious after Days` bosses axed him from the show out of the blue-and did it with a cold phone call. "A show exec called and simply told him his contract isn’t being renewed,"says an insider. ‘He’s furious and in a state of shock. He flew into a rage over the phone.’

The 73-year-old actor who plays baddie Stefano DiMera first joined the NBC drama in 1982 and worked there nearly 20 years until 2001, when he joined the Bold and the Beautiful for five years. He returned to Days last June reprising his popular role.

The storyline put his character in a coma for the past month. "Joe believed DAYS would be his swan song" says the insider. ‘He’s been at the center of a strong storyline since he came back. What’s worse is he’s not even being brought out of the coma for a major finale. He’s worked his last day on the show. "

Joseph Mascolo has played Stefano DiMera on and off Days Of Our Lives since 1982. His other most notable role was on Bold & The Beautiful where he played Massimo Marone from 2001 to 2006.

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    Considering this is from a tabloid, I’m not believing anything until it’s reported in SOD. It’s been 3 months, why is this just now being revealed? I don’t think that Dena would waste the opportunity to pit Stefano against John.

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    I don’t believe’s a tabloid. Plus if they wanted him gone, why not just have Marlena kill him? Why a coma?

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    They’re just stashing him away until they need him again, like they always do.

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    Dc readers the globe is the magazine that reported that forbes march was being axed on oltl and that turned out to be true.I believe the show has fired joe mascolo he’s just not being used and there are so many storylines right now.Im ny opinion they couldve written other characthers off or back burnered them.Wouldnt be nice if abc snatched joe mascolo up as a zacharra

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    I think it’s probably true. Gush is right, there’s a lot of stuff going on right now, so they probably don’t think they can use Stefano right now. And the problem with Stefano is you can’t really backburn the character like you can others. It’s not like they’ll just stick him in the background in scenes or turn him into the person that just listens to other people’s problems, like they do with other backburned characters, you know what I mean? If you’ve got Stefano, you either use him or you don’t.

    That said, I’m sure he’ll be back. He always comes back!! In the meantime, I’d like to see him come back to B&B, knock some sense into Nick, and give Steph some lovin’!

    BTW, he’s 73?! He looks GREAT!!

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    days loss is b and b’s gain,this will shutter the end of days.I firmly believe this is the last year for days and they have only themselves to blame. Days was the first show I ever watched beginning in 1974,when I was 12 years old.The show is never going to be what it was thirty years ago with,mickey,maggie,marlena,don,neal,tom, alice,julie and doug,that was days of our lives.John V. Truisi

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    WOW! I highly doubt that Stefano being off the canvas will lead to cancellation. The show is better than it has been in years. Joseph isn’t to Days what Kim Zimmer is to Guiding Light. He’s been gone for 3 months, and the fans haven’t said anything because we know this is how it goes with Stefano. He goes away, then he pops back up. That’s the way it’s always been. He’s no Drake Hogestyn. John was gone off the canvas barely 13 weeks and was back because the fans went bonkers. I will sleep just fine if Stefano never returns, but he will so all is well.

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    Jamey Giddens

    This is a bad PR decision right now, because some fans tend to go ape poop over Stefano, even if he has been in a coma, or backburnered, soaps have been getting a bad rap for showing their elderly vets to the door in recent years and even though those vets really didn’t effect story anymore, the bad PR was  detrimental to the show. With Days on the bubble, it doesn’t need bad PR. I just hope fans can look past whatever backstage drama is going on and embrace how great the show is right now, today, in 2008, instead of boycotting over principle.

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    The show is getting good. I’m going to wait until DAYS says something because this is from the Globe. I thought DAYS wasn’t going to be doing this to their vets considering they are showing Victor/Mickey/Maggie and even Caroline.. I hope the show goes back to showing the vets because it was bringing me around to watching FULL eps of DAYS instead of clips of characters.

    No schuckin’ and jivin’ when dishing about soaps!

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    Luke Kerr

    lol….This is the show that has fired and hired Renee Jones three times in one year and fired Drake before rehiring him. It wouldn’t surprise me in the least if its turned out to be true. Gush900 is right…The Globe may be a tabloid but they have been right in the past on a couple of things.

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    I don’t have a problem with the Stefano character being retired per se, but he needs one last hurrah. Stefano needs to go out with style, not disappear into a coma. If Marlena’s injection had been fatal, then Stefano’s exit would have been acceptable for me. But I will not be happy if they pull a Jan Spears on Stefano, and I think a lot of others will be unhappy as well.

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    Semi off-topic, but Joe’s dad, Peter, who just celebrated his 80th wedding anniversary with his wife 9 days ago, has died. :( He was 106!
    Also, Joe is actually 79, not 73.

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    80 years of marriage?!? Wow. That’s simply amazing. With that kind of family longevity Joe is going to be acting for at least another decade. I’d love to see him back on B&B. Or anywhere – some shows seem to have an abundance of villains, others could use a backup now and again. If I was starting a brand new soap today I’d take him as the patriarch, evil or no.

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    I don’t know why everyone is fretting over this. It’s been the deal with Stefano for years now. Of course he has to return. Putting him in a coma was just to get him out of the way so John can make a supposedly easy transition into the head of the family. Right when John gets his memory back (but not lose his edge), the Phoenix will be back in full effect to torture his children and his dear brother.

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    THEBEST is right, this is par for the course with Stefano. While I don’t like the way they apparently let him go, I’m not surprised that they decided to take Stefano off-canvas for now. Mascolo is so talented and popular, he’ll get another job soon if that’s what he wants. And he will be back on DAYS eventually…

    The real question is, where did he find a youth serum?! He’s 79?! Impossible!!

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    The only way for Stefano to go is at the hands of Marlena. That would be the most satisfying finale.

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    Oh if they ever killed off Stefano for real (which I doubt they’ll ever do), it would end up being the greatest Murder Mystery ever! Every person in town has a motive!

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    And of course the culprit could be Aunt Maggie, who was going on a drinking binge after Mickey was seen being kissed by Anna…

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    Yes, I think he played “Domino” during the Colton Shore brainwashing storyline. (The Manchurian Candidate ripoff storyline).

    I don’t watch Days but this, again, reminds me of the unceremonious dumping of Stuart Damon on GH. It’s open season on older actors.

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    The last time that happened, Stefano didn’t return for six years. Clearly the new writers don’t want to use Stefano. The DiMeras are being replaced with the Vitalis.

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    Jamey Giddens

    If Days can mirror Guza’s demos with GH it definitely won’t be a bad thing. I’d rather see a mob war than her bad Irish brogues or watch storylines about mind control or twins with two fathers. Dena is doing okay in my book.

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    Jamey Giddens

    I vote for Grandma Horton. This man has terrorized her two families (you might as well group the Bradys and Hortons together since they all end up hooking up! LOL) for three decades! I want her to shove a donut down his throat!

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