Days of Our Lives: Daniel and Chelsea “When You Think of Me”

Day of Our Lives’ Daniel and Chelsea are steaming up the hospital corridors with their chemistry. Here’s a fan clip of the couple.

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    I respect that you like “Chan” Luke but I just don’t get it, Rachel Melvin and Shawn Cristian are both capable actors but to me there’s no chemistry between them.
    I can see Chelsea hero worshipping Dr Dan and lusting after him as an older man however he just seems skeevy around Chelsea. Daniel has also had more chemistry with practically every other women he’s come into contact with on the show other than Chelsea. Days has been trying to TELL me I should like them but I just don’t SEE it.

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    Chelsea can rot in hell for all I care. Dumping my poor Nick for an older guy that needs to be screwing Lexie.

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    Eeeewww. Why did you have to go there?

    Trust me, elsewhere I have seen not so happy places with them (check out serial Drama).

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    The actor is 20 years older than the actress this is a disgusting pairing and I’ve just had it with the pervs that write Days trying to make such inappropriate relationships glamorized.. it isn’t sexy it is skeevy.

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    Okay, I just threw up in my mouth a little bit…

    WTF are they thinking?? Shawn Christian is HOT! Don’t let that hottness go to waste on this creepy, gross pairing. ITA with THEBEST, pair him with Lexie!!

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    Sorry, I can’t agree with the other posters here. I think Dansea are HOT! They were awkward at first but they get better with each scene. I like what Dena is doing here and I think they will make the age gap part of the storyline. It’s not like love connections are never made with big age differences. Demi and Ashton, Calista and Harrison, Michael and Catherine. It happens in real life so I see no reason why they shouldn’t do it on the soap if the actors have chemistry and if they don’t pretend the age gap isn’t there. The age difference is just one obstacle and what is a soap couple without a few obstacles. I think Rachel and Shawn have good chemistry and I think there is great potential for a strong storyline here.

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    In general I don’t have a problem with May/December romances but the problem with Dansea/Chan/Chelan/CheDan/Danielea is that I don’t see any chemistry…if anything I see an Uncle/Niece chemistry (which makes their kissing scenes very uncomfortable to watch!)

    To be fair, I only occasionally watch DAYS now, so I’ve only seen a few scenes with them, but watching those scenes and that YouTube video was painful. I think part of the problem is that she still looks like she’s 17, so watching them together feels so wrong. I mean, an age difference is okay, but not when you feel like the girl is still practically jailbait.

    I think the most practical thing would have been to keep Billie around and do a Daniel/Billie pairing (Go Dillie!) He and Julie Pinson would have been amazing together! Or like THEBEST said, Daniel/Lexie would be nice (Renee Jones needs a HOT romance!!) JMO :)

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    I give credit to the two actors, because I find them sorta interesting together in ways that feel slightly inappropriate. Still don’t see this as a story with legs though – which is why i think it’s strange to cast him as Dr. Mike… UNLESS they pair him with Lexie. What a great idea. I see chemistry with those two.

    I like that Days is considering giving Lexie and Abe an actual non-work related storyline, but they aren’t really a match. I hate when soaps match people up based on race alone, as if they stick two token characters together. Perhaps i should give Days benefit of the doubt, it’s just that soaps’ record on anything outside the white/straight paradigm is so lame. It costs them viewers.

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    Lexie & Daniel would be so hot! Abe is too old for her and he slows her down. Lexie was great with Tek.

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    It’s okay Luke – I’m loving Daniel and Chelsea too!! I understand why some people are uncomfortable with them but I’ve been loving them inspite of myself. I think they had me the day they met and she accidently wiped snot on his pants -lol!

    I do feel bad for poor Nick though – maybe they can find him someone who will appreciate him more.

    Thanks for the vid!

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    I also am loving this couple! Daniel and Chelsea have brought so much to Days that it had been missing for a long time- a romance! Age isn’t an issue for me but I do like the s/l and the point they are trying to make!
    It’s a beautiful love story and I know the Days folks will reunite them!
    True love will win! Dansea is sooo great together, they had me the moment they met!

    Daniel and Chelsea!!! Great video and Thanks for posting Luke!!

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