Daytime Confidential #238: CBS & Days Playing Executive Producer

On today’s super-sized CBS & Days edition of Daytime Confidential we’re playing executive producer with Guiding Light and discussing what we’d do to get the show turned around within six months. Harley and Cyrus relationship and finances are a hot topic and we discuss Guiding Light’s audio quality improvements and how the show needs "little moments" to get viewers to tune back in.

Just week’s after being interviewed by Daytime Confidential Brandon Beemer has signed on to the Bold & Beautiful and we discuss what type of character we’d like to see him portray. Is there a correlation with the lack of Stephanie and the show’s ratings sinking? We discuss the possibility.

Michael Damian is returning to the Young & Restless for another visit and we discuss how the show seems to be going nowhere fast. Victoria vs. Adam, is this rivalry worth the hype?

As the World Turns’ Brad Snyder found out he’s a father and is a bit insecure while we’re finally starting to see Katie mature. We’re loving Emily and Casey and wonder if they could end up being a couple. If so does this play on the show’s history?

It is being reported that Joe Moscolo has been fired by Days of Our Lives and we’re discussing what impact this news might have on the show’s ratings. Have the writers written Chelsea into a corner by making her barren? What does this mean for the long term viability of the character? Robo John testified about EJ and Sami’s relationship and reveals that there might be more to their relationship than either realizes.

In case that isn’t enough for you in this super-sized episode there is a comical discussion about this year’s Emmy Nominations.

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  1. Profile photo of Marone_Macaroni

    Can’t wait to listen, as usual.

    As for B&B – we need more Susan Flannery, she rocks, but I really think B&B has been great recently.

    As for Y&R, cripes, I’m bored. I hate to say it, but Amelia Heinle is just not right for this role. If it’s all about the conflict and the snark, then I’m afraid she’s woefully miscast.

  2. Profile photo of DaytimeFan0001

    THANK YOU for your comments on GL. I yell at my tv and talk about it constantly. My parents don’t want to hear it. I love guiding light to death and will never stop watching but I AGREE totally. on the GL board I wrote what needs to be done for this show. I enjoyed your podcast so much.

    that show needs a change of power to….kick DV and EW out PLEASE!

  3. Profile photo of DS9Sisko

    THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU for the intelligent discussion regarding fan courtesy and respectful discourse (admittedly of which I have not always been at my best).

    ATWT: I disagree about Liberty being Maddie 2.0. I think she’s Katie 2.0 from when Terri Columbino’s first appeared as the selfish, devil may care, lying sneaky Katie.

    I want to focus on Guiding Light.

    You gentlemen have said it — especially Luke, echoing what I’ve been saying forever: GL’s biggest problem is the writing. David Kriezeman has flashes of brilliance, but he has no real vision. It’s not so much that he misuses characters as it is he doesn’t know what to do with stories that have a beginning, middle and end and what he has left on the canvas.

    Keep in mind, his hands are as tied as the P&G budget and company/network allows. However as you all pointed out, he still has a ton of resources and history on which to draw. And, after several years on the job, Kreizman doesn’t know how to make it sing.

    So, in the spirit of the podcast, here are my six fixes & suggestions for Guiding Light:

    1. Fire and replace David Kreizman. (I would also consider firing or demoting Ellen Wheeler. As hard as that woman has worked against impossible odds, her vision for GL is clear for every other medium from the internet to iTunes…everything with the exception of the television broadcast).

    2. Utilize Peapack, New Jersey AND New York City to better create the illusion of a midsize city rather than what seems to be something set in Wyoming. Find more scene logical locations for many of the sequences. Get rid of the current indie music and replace with more traditional musical sequences.

    3. I would incorporate the spirit (if not the details) of many of your suggestions about characters and actors to bring back, with Maureen Garrett at the top of the list.

    4. Guiding Light needs a major, multilayered villain, whether it be Blake, a character from the past, or even a new one. Pronto.

    5. GL also needs a new wealthy family, with less of an emphasis on the Coopers and The Spauldings. That specific two family dynamic is a Kriezeman fetish that has really hurt the rest of of the canvas, leaving the Lewises as almost the third wheel in the show. A new family of means could really shake up the energy.

    6. More action. Guiding Light is shooting on location almost full time and they need to take advantage of it in ways that other soaps are not. Ironically, the one show that is brilliantly using regular, every day locations is As the World Turns. Even when they use the same field and body of water for the Snyder farm, the Oakdale resevoir, and so on they manage to make it work. Whether it be the Oakdale U bookstore where Casey, Tom, Margo and Emily converged to catch book stealing Eldon or the recent scenes of Holden & Carly picking up their kids, ATWT has accomplished the kind of “realism” that GL set out to do. Guiding Light needs to take advantage of these locations for more even more dramatic effect and take its lead from its sister soap.

    Your mileage, of course, may vary.


  4. Profile photo of Maverick

    FABULOUS podcast guys! I laughed so hard I thought I was going to wet myself! *LOL* I do remember BM as Alexandria Spaulding, she was so FAB! She wasn’t playing with Mindy back in those days!

    I so loved how Jay went off about the emmy noms because I am STILL scratching my head on that with Vail and Tammin. Kristen Storms really should pay us for the support we give her! *LOL* That chick got JACKED and then ran over by the emmy board bus!

    I’ve always said that I’ve been trying to give AH a chance as Victoria and I’m sorry but I can’t. I thought for sure that LML was going to have a story where Victoria got soft after her coma ala Jason Morgan. Right now I’ve given up on that train coming to town. She acts more like a Jane Austin type chicka on the show. I agree with you Jamey when you mentioned that you wanted Zander as Adam. He’d be so gangsta’ as him and I can buy him being into Phyllis unlike the current Adam. You forgot to mention that Sabrina could’ve been portrayed by Robin Christopher that would be a great match up for when Nikki and Sabrina go for their smackdown for the great Victor Newman.

    Side Note: Glad you addressed the EJ/Sami/Lucas poll beef that was going down. After all the mess Lucas did to Sami and what she’s done, many tend to overlook their travesties and harp on EJ. At the end of the day everyone’s guilty of some wrong doing during the storylines and people need to remember just that.. ITS A STORYLINE. Lighten up.

    No schuckin’ and jivin’ when dishing about soaps!

  5. Profile photo of

    Jamey. This is why I love you. You know I have nothing but love for you. Just off the top of your head I would love that GL.

  6. Profile photo of Mike Jubinville
    Mike Jubinville

    Mac…you must be psychic if you hadn’t listened to the podcast and was disenchanted with AH’s Victoria because we ended up talking about her!

    DF0001…looking fwd to reading your ideas after I’m done here.

    DS9…Katie 2.0 is definitely something I didn’t think about, but looking back it sure is a possibility. Maybe that’s how Katie is staying one step ahead of Liberty! And if I could drop the F bomb here I would… I F-BOMB LOVE LOVE LOVE your Edge of Night opening! In all the years I’ve watched soaps, that was always my favorite. The music haunting and timeless.

    We had a blast with this podcast. Jamey claimed to be unprepared, but he sure did unleash some pent up vitriol!

  7. Profile photo of tanyia2

    You guys rock!

    You said everything that many of us has been repeating nonstop for the past three years. It is the writing not the production values that need to be fixed.

    I have disagree with you guys about the Bauers not being brought back. All they have to do is recast Hope and Mike Bauer so Rick can have some more family in town and that would help to restore the Bauer presence in Springfield.

    The thought of Harley taking Rick to Judge Judy forcing him to pay child support would be priceless.

    Cassie the whore going back to San Cristobal would be the best thing that could happen to the character.

  8. Profile photo of Mike Jubinville
    Mike Jubinville

    I was thinking in the context of the characters that were on. With the 6 month limit, I felt that it was better that way. Ultimately, the Bauers would be best, but I think the show could be centered around Reva and Josh because they have been the visual for so long. I’d love Hope to come back, especially if its Robin Mattson (big smile for Luke). Can you imagine her going up against Alan? I think Alan-Michael, Michelle, and Ed would be better choices over Mike though.

  9. Profile photo of tanyia2

    Josh would have to do a lot of butt kissing before many GL fans would want to see a Josh/Reva reunion.

    Some of the characters that are on now are useless and not worth the time to write a story for. I would set up a tragic event(flood,earthquake,tornado)that would get rid of Remy,Ava,Rafe,Leah and Marina so that would free up some money to bring back some Bauers and possibly Alan-Michael.

    Hope going up against Alan and Beth would make for some great drama.

  10. Profile photo of

    I really think though that turning around GL in 6 months would be impossible. Just that much change would turn off viewers. But hell that production model did the same damn thing.

  11. Profile photo of Mike Jubinville
    Mike Jubinville

    The Edge of Night was really was the pinnacle of daytime. Unfortunately, I didn’t catch much of it. By the time I realized it was around, it was already in its freefall. I would love to be able to see what I missed all those years ago before it became a standard "soap". It’s the one show I wish I was around to watch. It’s too bad shows get cancelled. Like AW, Edge has a huge following that still is sad that it’s not around. 

    I love the city-fied feeling of the opening you put together.

    As soap watchers, I’m sure we all have our soft spots that can turn to rants!! :)

  12. Profile photo of Jorpa

    “As soap watchers, I’m sure we all have our soft spots that can turn to rants!!”

    Yes Mike. I could still go on ranting about the comment you made about the Bauers. LOL They are the original core family GL. They need to be brought back. Pronto!

  13. Profile photo of THEBEST

    The plans that Jay had for GL were awesome! I didn’t understand why GL couldn’t keep the old production model and utilize the outdoor and OCCASIONAL Book Store/Gas Station scenes like ATWT does.

    ***///Living In The World Of Soaps Since 1985\\\***

  14. Profile photo of daisyclover1938

    ITA w/ what Luke said about how it’s the writing for GL that’s the real issue and not necessarily the sets/camera techniques. If a show has great writing, none of that will matter.

    I watch Ryan’s Hope on SoapNet, and let me tell you, some of those sets look like they’re made of cardboard! There are moments where it looks like the “walls” are about to collapse on the actors. But because I love the writing and the characters so much it doesn’t bother me.

  15. Profile photo of timepass

    FABULOUS podcast guys, absolutely FABULOUS, yet again!

    I do remember BM as Alexandria Spaulding, she was so great!

    GL was the first soap I watch regularly, it’s been a long while, I quit watching when they started dismantling the Reardon family.

    As for Y&R, it is boring like hell. And I agree, Amelia Heinle is just not right for this role, no way in hell I buy that she is a great CEO and built Brash and Sassy by mere determination! And JT, hello not buying any of it. And now she is under mama thumb, instead of papa thumb, must she be that childish!

    I like Adam thought he is interesting so far, and I don’t want the ex Sander to replace him, he was overrated for me on GH, never took to him.

    But that is the beauty of having different opinions, and I love your podcast guys!

    Luke btw, the longer the better!

  16. Profile photo of Marone_Macaroni

    Mike, Luke and Jay, LOVED the podcast – I was wetting myself at the Y&R putdowns. Sooooo true. My personal Y&R gripe: Amelia is falling on her arse in the role of Victoria – it doesn’t work having her play that kind of role. When a spolit, bratty character is trying to lay into their rival, we need a little more than someone who can’t emote/raise her voice/engage with the actor they’re playing opposite. She might be fantastic in a different role, but this Victoria Newman just bores me to tears. And don’t get me started on the Emmy noms for Suresucks and Bloom, Bloom, Shake, Shake The Room. WTF?

  17. Profile photo of DaytimeFan0001

    GL was in hot water the minute they axed Phillip. Right after that they moved their studios to a much smaller location. The problem was that they couldn’t have big sets like the Beacon Lobby, Olivias, Reva’s living room or the country club. We were stuck with the tiki hospital and then Kreizman came onto the scene. I agree with above when someone mentioned his bursts of genius. But he has been on long enough, I am waiting for a MAJOR shake up of execs anyday over there. I can only hope for the future of the light. That show needs class and cliffhangers before 2009 hits!

  18. Profile photo of DS9Sisko

    And if I could drop the F bomb here I would… I F-BOMB LOVE LOVE LOVE your Edge of Night opening! In all the years I’ve watched soaps, that was always my favorite. The music haunting and timeless.

    Thank you very much, sir. That means a lot to me. Edge was the pinnacle of daytime drama, rivaled at its best only by the late and dearly departed Santa Barbara. I have a reworked “high octane” version of the Edge of Night 2008 opening that I recently completed and will upload shortly.

    We had a blast with this podcast. Jamey claimed to be unprepared, but he sure did unleash some pent up vitriol!

    He almost came close to some of your classic rant about ATWT during the strike. Almost! LOL


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