All My Children: Who is Greenlee's "True Love"?

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Here is a spoiler screencap of the reunion between

All My Children's

Greenlee and Aidan after his time held hostage in Africa. While looking at the picture I just couldn't help think of my all time favorite Greenlee pairing, Leo and Greenlee. So I thought I'd see who everyone thinks is Greenlee's true love. I'm sure there are a lot of Ryan and Greenlee fans out there still and I can't help but wonder if anyone has warmed up to Greenlee and Aidan (can't say that I have). Did anyone ever like Jake and Greenlee? I wonder if

All My Children

will try and chem test Greenlee and Ricky Paull Goldin's Jake?

After you vote I'd love to read why you chose a certain pairing.

Who is Greenlee's "True Love"?