One Life To Live: Adriana Calls Herself Bitchy Bangs!!!

Picture it. Cyberspace, 2008. A humble soap blogger and podcaster with big dreams coins a term to describe the transformation of a once lackluster soap heroine into a surprisingly bitchy and suddenly relevant character, complete with a fetch new do, never expecting it to go any further than his little  soap site-that-could, then it happened. 

On today’s episode of One Life to Live,  Adriana Cramer (Melissa Fumero) referred to herself as "Bitchy Bangs"!  Luke and I recently interviewed pioneering soap journalist Mimi Torchin (check back for that interview soon) and asked how it felt to have a term she coined-SORAS (Soap Opera Rapid Aging Syndrome)-become part of industry vernacular, well now it looks like our boy Luke will know first hand! 

Luke came up with the term "Bitchy Bangs" during episode #230 ABC Bitchy Bangs of the Daytime Confidential ABC podcast, while discussing Adriana’s new personality and cut with Belinda and Tina.  We got the tip from eagle-eared viewer Terry and trust me, Luke is so ecstatic he’s choosing his dancing partner for the "Virgina Reel" as we speak. Okay, so he’s not doing that…but he is feeling mighty swell! A MAJOR shout out to OLTL’s brilliant and much-missed-during-the-Strike scribe Ron Carlivati for throwing a wink at DC’s frontman.

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    Start watching, Marone and help our show! It’s the new Y&R!
    I can’t wait to watch today’s episode. I wish Melissa Fumero would sign a 1 year contract, then leave. Just imagine what trifling things she could do in a year? }:)

    ***///Living In The World Of Soaps Since 1985\\\***

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    I was watching today’s show and I heard Adrianna say “bitchy bangs”. I immediately remembered the title of a recent podcast and thought that i missed Adrianna call herself bitchy bangs in the past. I was actually thinking there is no way they got that from Daytime Confidential and I was wrong. Congrats Luke, and hello Ron Carlivati welcome to the podcast!

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    I saw that and cracked up. I was over at a friend’s house and couldn’t log on and when I got home I figured you guys knew already. My mouth dropped and I just yelled out – DC in da house!!!

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    Congrads Luke and DC!!! OLTL recognized your ever popular phrase for Adriana! It just goes to show that OLTL loves it’s Daytime Confidential!!!


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    I watched todays mainly cause i had to hear it. i look at guys here on DC as friends so i was dying to hear you guys get on there with that. finally, a soap that LISTENS to it’s fans

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    I started to laugh when Adriana was talking about how her bitchiness coincided with her haircut and then just about fell out of my chair when she actually said “Bitchy Bangs.” Too funny. Good job Luke!

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    Jamey Giddens

    Marone if you want to see great soap opera, you have to start watching OLTL. Sure there are other soaps that entertain me right now, GH, ATWT, Days, but the best example of a classic, character-driven mix of family drama, humor and social relevance is OLTL!

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