One Life to Live: Who Would Win in a Brawl, Todd or John?

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On a show like

One Life to Live

where chemistry just oozes from pairings like Jared & Natalie, Rex and Gigi, Talia & Antonio, and David Vickers with pretty much anyone, there is one unrequited couple who has yet to explore their full potential. John McBain and Todd Manning.

With a manly "my brooding is more dour than yours" dynamic between these two rivals has continued to build over the years, even as they have had to team up. In fact, if  last summers' road trip/baby hunt proved anything it was that Todd and John could be at their best while working towards a common goal. Unfortunately, there is no love lost between these two sluggers which got me to wondering...

Who would win in a bar brawl? Would Todd bust up McBain's glasses and knock him out OR would John use some of his macho police training to take Manning down?

Who would win in a bar brawl?