Adonis 2008 @ (Round 1)

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Hello again everyone! Just a friendly reminder that voting is now open for the first week of semifinals in the 2008 Adonis competition at The voting is open from now until next Tuesday and then the results will be announced in a special chat on Thursday, May 22nd, 10pm EST/7pm PST LIVE FROM VEGAS!! Two men from the list of eight will then move on to the finals. So if you want your favorite to get in you better go over and make sure you get your vote counted.

Soapy wanted me to remind you all that if your favorite is not in the running this week not to worry..there are 3 more weeks of semifinals to go and he just may be in one of them.

Just for fun and out of curiosity we thought we'd ask you guys to vote on a special poll here to see where the daytime confidential fanbase is leaning. So for your viewing pleasure we've compiled a group of pictures of this week's nominees and have created a poll. Now remember this contest is not about acting ability or who is the most likeable character or has the best storyline. This contest is all about the Hotness factor. So what works for you? The hair, the eyes, the body, the voice? Let us know and vote in the poll. I can't wait to see what the fan reaction is on here and who knows maybe it'll be an inkling of the results to come. Make sure after this poll you get over to and vote for the real thing. And I'll be back next week to let you guys know who made it in.

Have fun!!


Who is your Adonis 2008?