Adonis 2008 @ (Round 1)

Hello again everyone! Just a friendly reminder that voting is now open for the first week of semifinals in the 2008 Adonis competition at The voting is open from now until next Tuesday and then the results will be announced in a special chat on Thursday, May 22nd, 10pm EST/7pm PST LIVE FROM VEGAS!! Two men from the list of eight will then move on to the finals. So if you want your favorite to get in you better go over and make sure you get your vote counted.

Soapy wanted me to remind you all that if your favorite is not in the running this week not to worry..there are 3 more weeks of semifinals to go and he just may be in one of them.

Just for fun and out of curiosity we thought we’d ask you guys to vote on a special poll here to see where the daytime confidential fanbase is leaning. So for your viewing pleasure we’ve compiled a group of pictures of this week’s nominees and have created a poll. Now remember this contest is not about acting ability or who is the most likeable character or has the best storyline. This contest is all about the Hotness factor. So what works for you? The hair, the eyes, the body, the voice? Let us know and vote in the poll. I can’t wait to see what the fan reaction is on here and who knows maybe it’ll be an inkling of the results to come. Make sure after this poll you get over to and vote for the real thing. And I’ll be back next week to let you guys know who made it in.

Have fun!!

Who is your Adonis 2008?

Adonis 2008 @ (Round 1)

  • Van Hansis (7%, 90 Votes)
  • Thad Luckinbill (3%, 35 Votes)
  • Steve Burton (49%, 641 Votes)
  • Shawn Christian (10%, 128 Votes)
  • Lawrence St. Victor (2%, 28 Votes)
  • John-Paul Lavoisier (9%, 115 Votes)
  • Brandon Barash (16%, 205 Votes)
  • David Fumero (4%, 53 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,295


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23 Responses

  1. Profile photo of Nicki

    and week 2 is James Scott and week 4 I don’t care but that’s not the point lol. If murray and shawn both make it into the finals I’m gonna be in trouble *enter EEK emoticon*

  2. Profile photo of SusieQ

    Nicki’s for Shawn? No way? I wouldn’t have guessed that -lol!

    Sorry Nicki, gotta vote for Brandon – only guy I’m crushing on more right now is James Scott -lol!

  3. Profile photo of bakedghoti

    so the black actor and the latin actor are thrown in their for the sake of diversity. the rest of the actors are white! uggh! daytime has no hope! i am thisclose to boycotting soaps for lack of diversity!

  4. Profile photo of soaphunks

    Thanks for the promo! Votes are pouring in, and it’ll be interesting to see whether the poll here matches the real results next week. Does the Daytime Confidential audience skew towards GH, because I noticed that the two GH’ers are in the lead in this poll…

    As for diversity, I can only work with what daytime gives me, but I would hardly consider LSV and especially David Fumero (a Top 5 finisher last year) to be “thrown in.”

  5. Profile photo of Belinda

    Oh, wow. those pictures: not good! Look at the difference in them. If I had a problem with this post that would be it not that there is a dirth of etnic men in the field at this time. I’m sorry, bakedghoti but it appears to me you have an agenda.

    The Daytime Diva, Daytime Confidential~ ABC Edition, View from the Recliners Edge

  6. Profile photo of bakedghoti

    agenda? the only “agenda” i would consider being a part of is the increase of racial diversity in daytime.

    some soaps have lasted for more than 50 years and counting (atwt, gl), and yet to this day, there is not a single core family that is asian> heck, there is not even a single asian character that has lasted on soaps. jack abbot’s son keemo does not count since where the hell is he?

    it’s shameful that daytime is still so backwards and antiquated in racial diversity. the soap hunks poll is yet another reflection of how daytime is practically an all white affair.

  7. Profile photo of Belinda

    I happen to agree with your statements, bakedghoti,  reguarding the CONTINUED lack of diversity on the soaps. If not the manner in which I am percieving them. Your opinion on it is well noted and from the tone of your replies (which is hard to denote in posting) you no doubt do not expect that most of us agree. We do. We discuss it civilly frequently. I would appreciate it if you could be less confrontational about sharing your ideas. Its is CLEAR that daytime is guilty of a lack of diversity and it is clear that you intend to ride that pony to its death. It’s your "thing" , apparently. That doesn’t make you right or wrong, but the percieved tone of your posts is disturbing in nature. IMO. 

    The Daytime Diva, Daytime Confidential~ ABC Edition, View from the Recliners Edge

  8. Profile photo of bakedghoti

    how is my tone “disturbing in nature” and “confrontational”?

    i’m a minority and it is infuriating (to put it mildly) that soaps lack racial diversity in 2008. am i going to sugar coat that just to appease people that are not comfortable with hearing that daytime is, in fact, racist?

    i did not personally attack anyone on this mb, or any member here. yet another member called me “toxic” and “wrong” to perceive racism in daytime and in other lgbt-centric shows. isn’t that confrontational?

  9. Profile photo of Belinda

    I stated what I had to say and why.
    If you were unaware of the way your posts come across, I told you how I percieved it. If it is your intent to be confrontatrional, that is of course; your choice. As a poster here who AGREES with the point you made in your post I find it… interesting that you feel the desire/need to be confrontational with me. 

    I fail to see how your race, creed, or any other factor pertaining to anyones private, personal and off line life is relevant but then that is just me. THIS POST is about the "ADONIS" contest not about ethniticity in daytime, race, creed, orientation or other factors.

    I *think* Rex is way sexier than Jason and I *feel* the pictures are crappy. 

    Go on off on whatever tangent your content to harp on, and be at peace. Once again; I agree with your stated point of view and see no reason to monopolise this thread with it since it isn’t even on topic.

    The Daytime Diva, Daytime Confidential~ ABC Edition, View from the Recliners Edge

  10. Profile photo of bakedghoti

    i don’t think i’m being confrontational with you. confrontational is calling you names. stating that daytime is racist is not confrontational. it is an opinion, which i think is true.

    the thread is about the ADONIS awards, and the nominees are majority white because of the true MONOPOLY (in daytime, a monopoly of white actors on roles in daytime. the nominees of the ADONIS awards reflect the sad state of daytime’s lack of racial diversity. that observation is valid.

    also, the fact that the nominees are majority white shows how daytime has perpetuated definitions of beauty to be geared towards a white/caucasian/european kind of standard of beauty. even majority of latin characters are light skinned, and majority of the black actors are half-white.

    ADONIS awards perpetuates that kind of standard of beauty in daytime, and thus perpetuates the continuation of casting only white actors or light-skinned minorities.

  11. Profile photo of Belinda

    and I agreed with you, if you expect me to slice open a vein and bleed for you you will be sorely disappointed.

    The Daytime Diva, Daytime Confidential~ ABC Edition, View from the Recliners Edge

  12. Profile photo of Belinda

    but maybe if you regurgitate it a few more times you will feel it has been duly noted?

    The Daytime Diva, Daytime Confidential~ ABC Edition, View from the Recliners Edge

  13. Profile photo of bakedghoti

    no i don’t expect you to slice your wrists for me. that’s something quite strange to write. and regurgitate? that sounds like a strange way to refer to my strong opinions. but it’s GREAT that you agree that daytime is RACIST since that is what it is! there needs to be more diversity in daytime. those accompanying pictures for the adonis awards drives home that very point. how disappointing that some daytime soaps are past the 50 year point, and to this day, there is not a core family of color on every soap. lawrence st. victor gets my vote since he is representing people of color on the vast whiteness that is daytime.

  14. Profile photo of sb_fan

    they all look good, but I think Steve Burton should take this one…He’s just so yummy, I guess I’m not the only one who thinks so, based on the other votes. Haha, I always said Jason Morgan was the hottest guy on daytime, now is definitely not an exception.

  15. Profile photo of Belinda

    Oh, sbfan, we disagree, but then thats what makes the world go around. 

    bakedghoti, your point has been made, and made, and made, and repeated, and repeated… like the same lines day after day on the shows. Thats why I chose the word regurgitated. 

    Go ahead, make every  post saying the same dang thang ad nauseum, the only thing you are doing is taking attention away from your stated opinions and causing me (possibly others?) to wonder what your motivation might be… since making your point does not seem to be satisfactory to you. 

    Why the fixation? it isn’t as if we hold the key to solving that particular delimma. Your determination to bring the issue to the forefront is admirable but your alientating people like myself who agree with you. Confusing to say the least.

    The Daytime Diva, Daytime Confidential~ ABC Edition, View from the Recliners Edge

  16. Profile photo of bakedghoti

    you and i both keep making the same point. not just me. if soap fans choose not to support the soaps because of their homogeneous casting, then that could be a key to this dilemma in daytime. more racial diversity is my only motivation, so i don’t know what your point/insinuation is by repeatedly asking for my motivation. anyway, here’s hoping more people vote for lawrence st. victor!

  17. Profile photo of Tina

    WOW! Check out this debate ….. oh wait! A debate would mean both people are on opposing sides. It seems like everyone is agreeing. So are we disagreeing to agree? This just seems odd. 
    Is there more diversity needed in daytime? Sure. But we can’t solve that issue here. 

    bakedghoti, you are very passionate. Maybe you should start some sort of write in campaign to support the need for diversity. I’d be more than happy to help you out with that!


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