BREAKING NEWS: All My Children’s Richie to be Killed Off; Petey SORAS’ed

An ABC source confirms that Annie Lavery’s socipathic brother Richie (played to perfection by Billy Miller) will be killed off in the not-so-distant future.  To say the show wrote the character into a corner would be the understatement of the millenium.

  Richie came on for the simple purpose of tormenting his sister Annie (Melissa Claire Egan) and to give her hubby Ryan (Cameron Mathison) yet another chance to play perennial superhero. Then the character developed feelings for Babe (Amanda Baker) and there was almost a flicker of hope he would be humanized. Almost. Richie’s most nefarious stunt-kidnapping JR Chandler (Jacob Young) and stealing his bone marrow via a dirty needle that infected JR with Hepatitis C-is currently been revealed onscreen and according to our sources, redemption won’t take place for this character.

In other AMC news, our source also revealed the rumor that Opal and Palmer Cortlandt’s long-absent son Petey Cortlandt is being SORAS’ed is indeed true. Here’s hoping they drop the name "Petey" and call the kid Pete, well, for Pete’s sake.

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    Luke Kerr

    Talk about a double edged sword…Richie is a great character that had so much potential as a villian, much like Jonathon Lavery. On the other hand, SORASING Petey is AWESOME….I’ve been calling for this for YEARS…Whoohooo!

  2. Avatar of daisyclover1938

    At first I kind of liked Richie since he was causing problems for Ryan, but I quickly got bored because of the whole Babe thing. Too bad because he was a pretty good sociopath.

    Now can they please bring back David??

    And Jamey, I’m shocked and disappointed! Don’t you have one of your brilliant casting suggestions for Petey? Though I guess it depends on just much they’re going to age him…

  3. Avatar of THEBEST

    Thank GOD!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s about time that I read some AMC news that made me jump up & down! I hate Richie and I am going to love Petey! He & Colby will be the next supercouple. Adam, Opal, & Palmer fighting over their kids will be awesome!

    ***///Living In The World Of Soaps Since 1985\\\***

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    Some of you know I LOVE Billy Miller.. he’s a great guy and awesome to all his fans.. This really makes me sad.. although there’s no redemption for Richie I wouldve loved to see him and Annie team up and secretly work together.

    I’m going to go mope now :(


  5. Avatar of Luke Kerr
    Luke Kerr

    Wouldn’t David Tom be a little bit weird considering he played Babe’s co-kidnapper of Miranda and was involved in the baby swapping of Little A, Colby’s nephew? Also, considering I watched him on Y&R as a Teen in the Jabot House I can’t imagine him playing a teen yet another five or six years later?

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    Jamey Giddens

    And Jamey, I’m shocked and disappointed! Don’t you have one of your brilliant casting suggestions for Petey? Though I guess it depends on just much they’re going to age him…
     Daisy I am so behind on my Wishful Castings, LOL I still have to find a new soap home for Martha Byrne and finish my one of Kim Zimmer. But here: Wishful Casting-David Tom (ex-Billy, Y&R) as Peter "Pete" (only Opal can call him Petey) Cortlandt. Think of David Tom as the heir apparent at Cortlandt Electronics going up against JR Chandler at Chandler Enterprises! :p

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    Jamey Giddens

     I actually forgot David already played on AMC/OLTL! LOL But they never said Petey would necessarily be a teen. They might age him into his mid-twenties. Besides he played a teen or just-out-of-his-teens frat boy on Veronica Mars two seasons back.

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