Restless Crimson Style

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Young & Restless

are rolling out a new magazine

Restless Style

and  Well after seeing the first cover of

Restless Style

Daytime Confidential listener/reader DS9Sisko whipped up a alternative cover in less than 30 minutes, which I have to say, looks a lot more appealing to me as a consumer than the

official cover

. My question is this. If a fan can whip out a cover like these two in less than 30 minutes why is the official cover so plain?


In fairness to

General Hospital

DS9Sisko whipped out this cover for


magazine which is equally impressive with only 30 minutes of work. 

After seeing what could be done by one fan I wonder what other fans might come up with? If you love working with photoshop and want to create your own mock (totally unaffiliated with Y&R or GH) Restless Style or Crimson cover, upload it to photobucket and email us a link. We may put it here on the blog like we did DS9Sisko