Star Jones to Host "Bad Girls Club 2" Reunion reports that former The View co-host; Star Jones is scheduled to moderate Oxygen’s The Bad Girl 2 reunion show.

In a released statement, Oxygen rep Amy Introcaso-Davis states that the show has, "A smart mix of prosecutor and even-keeled facilitator, Star Jones is the perfect host for this special." "We were looking for someone who could cut through the clutter and get real with the girls -- Star fits that bill."

The show’s one hour special, taped in front of a live studio audience is slated to air on May 20.

Bad Girls Club places seven self- proclaimed, “bad girls,” in a Los Angeles mansion where they try to co-exist and change their ways into becoming a better person.


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It's a sad day, when an attorney, in the sunset of her career, has to be regulated to reality show hell. My prayers go out to Star and I hope that she can make it through everything. This really hasn't been her month.

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"Pop off Pop off"