All My Children: Jesse and Angie's Wedding gets the CGI treatment

It looks like General Hospital's Jason, Sam and Liz aren't the only ABC characters worthy of a little CGI magic. According to TV Guide's Michael Logan, the climax of Jesse and Angie's wedding cliff, er, copterhanger will boast special effects from Stargate Digital, the same LA-based CGI firm that created the ferry boat disaster episode on Grey's Anatomy, as well as special effects for NBC's Heroes.

As previously reported, heroine Dr. Angie Hubbard (Debbie Morgan) will be kidnapped by her BFF Tad Martin's nefarious bio-uncle Robert Gardner via helicopter.The CGI effects will come in handy during scenes where Jesse (Darnell Williams) hangs onto the helicopter in a fight scene with David Rache's Robert, while Angie flies the chopper. didn't know the good doc could pilot a helicopter? Like Chaka said, she's Every Woman. Also look for Tad (Michael E. Knight) to require emergency surgery at some point during the drama and for the reformed tomcat to finally see the spirit of his beloved Dixie (Cady McClain) Set your DVR reminders for May 21 when it all goes down on All My Children.


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I hope that their CGI effects go over better than GH's. I heard that on May 30th, there will be a dream where we will get to see what it would have been like if Dixie would have lived. Doesn't that suck? How can AMC make a half-assed attempt at righting a wrong?

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I just wish that ABC would focus more on telling good stories and developing characters instead of filling up hours with more GGI and special effects.

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I found this cliffhanger Friday a true cliffhanger and the love story of Angie and Jesse and all that goes with it one of the best stories on daytime right now...Friday was just amazing and Jesse leaping at the helicopter. I for one like FX when done well and this was done very well..the love of this family exudes charm and romance.

.Kudos to Darnell and Debbie, Michael showing how drama is done...awesome acting a beautiful show...