SoapNet rolls out new primetime show Relative Madness

Has anyone seen the new show on SoapNet, Relative Madness? Back in April, our own resident blogger Jamey mentioned it when writing about SoapNet’s new look and content. Well the wait for the show is finally over, think The Best Week Ever meets the I Love series that VH-1 has on.

The show’s premise has an hour long top 25 countdown of real- life celebs and TV family’s no-they-didn’t moments. It’s kinda funny and interesting to see stars and experts from all genres give their opinions on the real and fictional relatives that we love and hate also.

Even though the show began on May 8 and so far have two episodes that aired, I’m down with it because its shedding a light on soaps and as we know, soaps have been on their last leg as of lately and we the soap fans and viewers need all the help we can get in order to keep our favorite pastime going.

Relative Madness airs Thursdays at 11:00 p.m., ET/PT, until it wraps up on the week of Fathers Day with an episode titled, “Father Knows Less”.  Check your local listing for SoapNet.

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    The show is absolutely awful and is a bad copy of too many shows before it on E! and VH-1. What the heck is this type of show doing on SOAPNET!!!?
    It has nothing to do with soaps and just shows what a moron Brian Frons and company at ABC Daytime are doing to what used to be an amazing, wonderful channel for true soap opera lovers, Where are the repeats of “Knots” or “Dynasty” or “Falcon Crest.” Why don’t they show older cancelled shows like “Another World” and remind new viewers what an icon Beverlee McKinsey was or what a fabulous show like “Santa Barbara” used to be? Where is the SOAP in NET?

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    Soapnet needs to get GL, ATWT, & B&B so all of the soaps can air and pull in more viewers.

    ***///Living In The World Of Soaps Since 1985\\\***

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    Jamey Giddens

    SoapNet is a business. As much as I adored repeats of Dynasty, Another World and Knots Landing, they simply do not make money. Serials have never done good in repeat form, unlike sitcoms, so it is basically a losing proposition for SoapNet to air re-runs of old soaps.

    The Another World re-runs didnt even have a high enough viewership for Nielsen to measure near the end of the run on SoapNet. Frons is trying to lure the people who have a seemingly insatiable audience for real life celebrity soaps i.e The Saga of Britney Spears and The Perils of Lindsay Lohan to SoapNet by mixing and matching daytime and primetime soaps with real life soaps.

    Come on guys the genre is dying. Even well written soaps like OLTL  or Y&R before LML have been losing viewers for 10 years. Someone has to try something new. At least Frons isn’t making them film GH in his changing room like the execs over at P&G are doing.

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    Jamey Giddens

    And as for Santa Barbara, the show is too expensive for SoapNet to pick it up because of all the pop music it utilized in scenes. SoapNet would pay out hundreds of thousands in licensing fees to air those episodes with Cruz and Eden or Mason and Julia making love to Phil Collins. I would LOVE to see them again, but if SB’s ratings proved to be as low as AW, SoapNet would basically be spending money for nothing. I guarantee you Relative Madness costs practically nothing to produce in comparison to buying the rights to air a TV show and that’s the reality of the situation.

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    Jamey Giddens

    Soapnet needs to get GL, ATWT, & B&B so all of the soaps can air and pull in more viewers.
    That could actually hurt those shows. Look at what is happening with the CW. So many people don’t watch the show when it airs regularly that the entire network is in trouble. Advertisers are still skiddish about network series that reair on the Net or Cable. It’s silly, you’d think they’d be able to broker deals where if you advertise during the broadcast show for a higher rate, you can also hawk your chicken nuggets online or before an iPod stream.

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    Jamey, I probably respect your opinions on here and the podcast more then anyone else on DC. Your knowledge of soap past is comparable only to mine. But, I totally disagree with you on this topic of the changes at SoapNet. They should rename the network CelebrityWhoreNet and get rid of all the soaps and remake it into a copy of E!. It has nothing to do with soaps except for the daily showings of ABC soaps and Y&R and DOOL episodes and replace them with reality shows like Dina Lohan and Denise Richards coming shows. If thats what makes money, go for it. I love soaps and I want a network that is DEDICATED to the genre. There are so many cable channels these days that are specifically targeted towards a certain topic or demographic, why could they just not leave SoapNet alone? I want soaps, not Lindsey Lohan or Britney Spears latest pantiless escapades. For that crap, I can go to one of a million websites, especially Perez Hilton. If you think Frons is going to increase his business by changing the channel into a hot mess of celebutard scandal, well they have now lost at least one viewer and I am sure I am not alone. There are already too many shows, networks and websites that service that market. I have many soap loving friends and they have all stopped watching this network as well. We would have “Falcon Crest” and “Dynasty” re-run parties at my apartment. We all just Tivo our shows on their real network anyway at their real times and watch them after work or on the week-ends. No need for SoapNet now. I think SoapNet will now fail and cease to exist just like most of the soaps will in 5-10 years. Good business model? A copy of a copy of a copy of what’s already out there? I think not. And I am certain that Soapnet being owned by ABC being owned by Disney has enough money to show “SB” and promote the network as a special place where you cannot find anything else like it. Now, it’s just one tomato in a giant tomato salad.

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    Jamey Giddens

    KingTV thanks so much for your kind words about respecting my opinion, that really floors me as all I do is ramble on about soaps, which any of us could do! LOL And I SO agree with you in that I loved the old SoapNet, but it wasn’t making them money.

    I would love to have nothing but current and classic  soaps on the air, but if Disney is going to pay say $35 million for the rights to air a Dynasty or an Another World and not even enough people tune in to watch for Nielsen to rate the hour, then they can’t charge for advertising revenue. So they can’t even really afford to give us the other soapy content we like. Also there are so many soap fans who even gripe about shows like Dynasty, 90210 or Melrose Place, which are ALL soaps. Some of those viewers want nothing but daytime soaps all day long and that format is already dying on the networks. So what’s Disney to do?

    I guess I am okay with the newer model because I readily find the soapiness in celebrity. Lindsay, Paris and Britney are real life soap stars and although people profess to be sick of them, celebrity journalism is basically the only journalism that isn’t dying. People love to hate these "characters" much like they once loved to hate JR.

    Now if I ran SoapNet, I would probably be trying to get off air rights to such shows as Brothers and Sisters, Grey’s Anatomy and Heroes, which are also soapy, but scripted, which might appease fans abit more than the celeb stuff. Also I would definitely be in the process of developing more primetime spinoff series based on the current ABC soaps. How awesome and appeasing would a 30-minute GH spinoff sitcom called "The Quartermaines" be?

    At the end of the day the ratings will be the deciding factor. If the new celeb-centered stuff tanks, then they will develop a new model, but from what I’ve read it won’t be economical to ever include all of our classic soaps, which sucks. People complained for years about Another World, then we got it, and no one watched! I did, but I guess I wasnt enough to make a blip, and TV is all about making a blip and charging Madison Avenue top dollar for it.

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