Clash of the Titans: Who’s Your Pick?

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We’ve all seen or heard of some of the epic matchups in sports history. In boxing there was Ali vs. Frazier, basketball Jordan vs. Bird were the ones to see and in baseball who can forget the Yankees vs. the Red sox. On soaps there are some matchups that are one for the books also; Viki vs. Dorian, Luke vs. Helena and one of soaps ULTIMATE feuds:

Katherine vs. Jill.

Now that he’s been let go from Days of Our Lives, Joseph Mascolo’s basically a free agent for any of the soaps out there. I always had him as one of my fantasy picks for an adversary in business and personal life against The Great Victor Newman… If the soap execs at the Y&Rare reading (along with the soap gods) and decided to have Mascolo come on Y&R as a rival against for Victor who would come out on top if he came on as a new character or Massimo Marone from the Bold and the Beautiful?