Young and The Restless: Behind the Scenes Interviews

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In my grand search for news on The Young and The Restless, I came across some great interviews conducted by KDKA News in Pittsburgh. The news station interviewed four cast members: Jeanne Cooper(Katherine), Jess Walton(Jill), Tracey E. Bregman(Lauren), and Christian LeBlanc(Michael). Jeanne Cooper is actually featured in two interviews, one by herself and one with Jess Walton. In the interview Jeanne has by herself, she speaks about the origins of her character Katherine, just how long she has been on the show, and The Daytime Emmys. Speaking of the Emmys, Jeanne found out that she was nominated for an Emmy at the start of the interview. It was refreshing to see how shocked she was to learn of her nomination. The interview with Jeanne and Jess is quite hilarious. The two get along well and that shows. 

In Tracey's interview, she speaks a little about her character Lauren, and what is going on in her personal life. She speaks about her kids the most.

In Christian's interview, he speaks about Pittsburgh, what he wants to give his fans, and being a southerner(Woo!).