Daytime Confidential #243: Top 5 Soap Moms

On today’s show the Daytime Confidential gang of Luke, Jamey, Mike and special guest Nicki are counting down the "Top 5 Soap Moms" in daytime.

These are the women in daytime who have made mothering a fine art. Whether they are good mothers, bad mothers, or have questionable mothering abilities these are the women who keep our shows interesting.

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    re: the best soap Moms. I have 3 no one mentioned. Well, actually, Erica Kane and Dorian Lord were mentioned, but not at length. Anyway, the other one no one mentioned is Kate Roberts on Days. Okay, while none of these women would be considered “best” all 3 could certainly be the most “hands-on” moms. God help anyone who messes with their little darlings! “Meddlesome” is the understatement here. Both Dorian and Kate went to great lengths to keep “undesirables” from marrying their children (Adrianna and Lucas, respectively), and Erica was even (falsely) accused of killing her daughter’s flame, Maggie. But all three have also gone to great lengths to protect their children (and in Dorian’s case, her neices and foster daughter) as well. While you may not get kisses and comfort from them, you’d certainly have a mother who’d stand up for you and even take the rap for you no matter what you’d done, or who you’d killed (hi, Bianca!).

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    Haven’t listened to the show yet, but I hope someone mentioned Maeve Ryan (Ryan’s Hope). There was no other soap mom who was as kind, understanding, strong and loving…and she wasn’t just a mom to her own kids, she mothered everyone on that show!

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    My Top 5 Moms whould be:

    5. Roxy Balsom (OLTL)- She might not be “Mother of the Year” Material, but she is the type of mom that threw out all of her faults and lack of maternal abilities, she tries her best to make for the mom that she wasn’t to Natilie and Rex.

    4. Erica Kane (AMC)- Back in the day (70’s) the thought of her being a mother sent shivers up and down her spine. But now with Kendall, Josh and Bianca, even thou she still is a diva, she whould kill for her kids. A Mother lion protecting her cubs.

    3. Blair Kreamer (OLTL): I think Blair whould kill Todd to protect her kids, I think Blair whould kill Todd to protect Tommy/Sam if she could. Her kids are her world and who could forget back in the 90’s when every other word out of Blair’s mouth was “My Little Girl” refering to Starr. I think that phrase should be trademarked right next to Blairs charater Bio!

    2. Janet “From Another Planet” Dillon (AMC): The most screwed up mom on ABC! The love that she has for Amanda is deep and scary! She is the type of mom that you have to love because she is your mother, but you just want to run far away from and never look back!

    1. Lila Quartermaine (GH): This character should be declared a saint up in soap oprea heaven. Not only did she have to but up with Alan and all his faults (And all the fighting he did with Monica), but the fact that she is the mother of Tracey Quartermaine should automatically declare her rights for “Soap Oprea” Sainthood!


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    My top moms is
    1. Lila Quartermaine (GH)-She is one of the most greatest mother on the soap and accepts peoples faults and all and still love all her children and grandchildren and friends.

    2. Viki Davidson (OLTL)-She love all her children and would die for them if anyone if you mess with them and have a good heart and love everyone.

    3. Iris Carrington(AW)-She would lie steal and cheat and would not let anyone mistreat her son.

    4. TAylor Hayes Forrester(B&B)-I think she is being a little bad now, but her kids are very well-adjusted compared to other kids on the show that I think she is a great mother, unlike some one on this soap.

    5. Alexis Davis(GH)-I feel a woman who would lie and killed to protect her children from the crazy Cassadines and Sonny’s mob world is a great mother in my book.


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    Some top moms that were not mentioned in the podcast…
    but NONE of them should be mentioned anywhere in the vicinity of worst mother on TV Gloria Abbott whateverhercurrentlastnameis

    Hope Brady. She is always there for her kids and others (i.e. Belle, Nick, even forgiving the evil spawn Chelsea)

    Alice Horton. She raised Mickey, Tommy, Bill, & Marie.
    But was also a mom and Gram & Great-Grandma to Hope, Jennifer, Julie, Jessica, Scotty, Shawn Douglas, Lucas, Melissa, Sarah, Mike, etc. She’s never too busy to bake donuts, give advice, or help break someone out of prison.

    Lila Q – the matriarch with a heart of gold who welcomes everyone with open arms…including Sonny and Luke.
    Even Jason didn’t cut his ties to her after his memory loss.

    Liz Webber – she endured 2unLucky situations to try and keep her kids safe. She puts her kids’ safety over her love for Jason and tries to balance work and home life and still has time for her friends.

    Lesley Webber – she tried to protect her daughter from a murder charge, and raised Amy Vining as her own. She helped raise Lulu, and still helps out with Spencer.

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    My top 5 moms are a bit unconventional but they’re fun!

    5. Eve Russell (PAS)So underrated. You know how you’re supposed to lead by example? Well Eve is an example of how NOT to live your life. A weakling, yes. Enabler, yes, but you know she loves her children as messed up as she is.

    4.Doris Wolfe (GL) Exploits her own kid to win an election. Makes her daughter feel inadequate. She’s terrible to her kid. She’s selfish gotta love it.

    3.Erica Kane (AMC) Even her unaborted fetus love her. She IS Erica Kane!

    2.Dorian Lord (OLTL): Two words: BITCHY BANGS

    1.Stephanie Forrester (B&B)Even when she’s bad she’s good.

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