Young and Restless: Nia Peeples Out!

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TV Guide Canada's Nelson Branco has confirmed in his latest Suds Report that Nia Peeples is in fact out at the Young & Restless.


The departure of Peeples from the role Karen Taylor may not comes as much of a surprise to most Young & Restless fans. Karen Taylor first arrived in Genoa City last year to act as a political consultant for Nikki Newman's failed senatorial campaign. Afterward the campaign ended Karen stuck around town and fell into a relationship with Neil Winters. Unfortunately, it's hard for any character to fill the shoes of Drucilla Winters and the pairing seemed to flounder in front of our eyes.

Peeples is currently set to appear in Between Heaven and Earth, which is in production. For more on Between Heaven and Earth visit IMDB.

As an aside, maybe if the Young & Restless had brought in Peeples in as a "take no prisoners" looking character like the one pictured from Peeples' Half Past Dead fans might have sat up and took notice at her character?