“Young and Restless” vs. “General Hospital” Battle for Finola Hughes Erupts

If this isn’t the perfect example of the behind the scenes drama being more interesting than what we are seeing on our screens, I don’t know what is.

We reported yesterday that Finola Hughes was headed to Genoa City to portray the mother of Victor’s new finance, and single most boring character on the Young and Restless in recent memory, Sabrina. Apparently, General Hospital and ABC were less than pleased at the news and issued the following statement.

General Hospital always planned a big summer storyline revolving around the characters of Anna Devane and Robin Scorpio as the mother-daughter relationship continues to grow in the face of Robin becoming a mother for the first time. Upon learning Finola Hughes had booked a role in a short story arc on a competing daytime drama, General Hospital requested that she honor her commitment to our show, and she graciously obliged.

TV Guide‘s Michael Logan is now reporting that "the powers at the CBS-Sony soap are furious that their big casting coup was squelched and that Hughes caved in to ABC."

This isn’t the first time that General Hospital has clashed over a star. P&G sued Jensen Buchanan when she appeared on General Hospital while still under contract to appear as Vicky’s ghost on As the World Turns.

What is ironic about this mess is that if General Hospital would get its act together and actually give Finola Hughes a storyline that respects her character’s history as a top knotch crime fighter and the fan’s memories of Anna, instead of these brief stints as a bimbo spy spoof, the Young and Restless wouldn’t have had the chance to snag the wonderfully talented actress.

P.S. Can someone PLEASE start a soap about the behind the scenes drama of these shows? I’d be tuning in every day.

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    oh fight in saop land
    how cool is that
    but i do think that if the GH exc would have give Finola Hughes something moore to do then jast being robin’s mother like get her involved with another story like a mob
    or lets say the drags plot she would be more huppy to stay on GH. what do you think?

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    I don’t think there is a s/l for Finola because they don’t want her to go on a other soap. Get her a real s/l on Gh or let her star on Y&R and have a great s/l.


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    Jillian Bowe

    GH’s so full of it. When I heard the story that Finola was going to Y&R, even though it was going to be a short run I KNEW GH would pull this mess! Look at the talent Y&R was snagging! It wasn’t some trifling hair model that Y&R’s famous for these days, it was FINOLA HUGHES!! GH knows damn well that if Fin came over to Y&R, she would’ve put her foot in it and Y&R would’ve probably had her stay on there. Instead of trying to flex their muscles, GH should give this talented lady a STORYLINE instead of being some comic relief from the mob humdrum. BUT!!! Maybe this could work in Fin’s advantage, maybe now GH will write a great storyline for her and she doesn’t have to step out….

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    P.S. Can someone PLEASE start a soap about the behind the scenes drama of these shows? I’d be tuning in every day.

    It was called “Behind the Screen” and aired late nights on CBS from 1981-1982. Starred Janine Turner, Debbie Morgan, Mark Pinter, Michael Sabatino, and Mel Ferrer. Watched it faithfully back then.

    Big ole flop. But it was great entertainment.

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    If GH had utilized Finola more, she wouldn’t have agreed to appear on Y&R. Her being cast as Sabrina’s mother is ridiculous IMO. When would she have birthed Sabrina? at the tender age of 14? Finola is too young to be the mother of a 30-something year old. Are TPTB afraid to cast more mature women in these roles? Why do they insist upon mother/daughters looking like twins?!? Tv & Hollywood are so youth obsessed, it’s bordering on insanity.!.!

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    I’ll say it again: GH needs to sign Finola to a contract and then bring back Robert and reunite Anna and Robert once and for all!!!

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    I cannot get why ABC got their backs up over an actress (who has NO contract, BTW) wanting to take a four-day gig over at Y&R. Why, so they can continue to underutilize FH and continue to make Anna look like an idiot? If I thought for one minute they were serious about giving FH a meaty role to work with while she was on GH, then maybe I wouldn’t be so confused.

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    That’s a shame the FH thing didn’t work out for Y and R. I would have watched that myself, and I don’t even watch Restless regularly. Not only can Hughes act, but for her age, how can she still look like that?! I think she looks beyond fabulous. GH should definitely be doing more with her instead of keeping her around for comic relief.

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    While it is true that Fin is too young in real life to even be remotely thought of as the mother of a thirty something, we all know that age is irelevant on daytime TV.

    The thought of Finola Hughes sharing scenes with Eric Braeden made me absolutely giddy. Since I only watch GH sporadically these days, I would love for the great Ms. Hughes to honor her GH commitment and then high tail it over to Y&R where her star power would be wlecomed and respected.

    PLEASE, if anyone at Y&R casting reads this, please give this a shot again later this summer.

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    She wouldn’t have accepted the gig if she didn’t think GH was just wasting her time. Finola on YR would’ve totally changed my feelings for the show, no matter how absurd her initial role was- you know (and she knows) they would’ve immediately expanded her role, brushed off Sabrina and made her a central focus by late summer. I’d like to see CBS win one of these talent wars sometime.

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    DARN IT ABC! How dare they out up this struggle for FH when she doesn’t even have a contract with them. All they ever do is trot her out once or twice a year to fumble around with Luke and try to be a mother to Robin. And the storylines – i.e. The stupidness last summer with Luke, Robert and Holly and then Anna falling for Eli/Noah. These were the most disrespectful s/l’s for such a great talent.

    And here Y&R was ready, willing and able to give her a meaty, different kind of character to play. It may have been originally planned for four episodes but I think she would have an immediate impact on the show and story that she would have a contract and become and integral part of the Newman drama. This is such a horrible shame and shame shame shame on GH for tying her up in this struggle because they are selfish and just want to keep her trapped in the thankless position she has at GH. As I posted yesterday, there are so many possibilities for Sabrina’s mother to face off with Nikki, Victor et al. And I really do not think that age is such a big deal especially on soaps. Every soap has a heroine that has a child that has been aged for s/l purposes and it doesn’t feel right. I still get a little irked that they aged Rick and Bridget on B&B so fast and furious because KKL should not have adult children. i could understand if they were still in their late teens and Hope and RJ were the ages they are now(not that we see them). This is a travesty and I hope the fight isn’t over. If there is one thing that Y&R does well is treat their actors like gold and has managed to keep so many for 20-30 years. They must be doing something right. GH treats their legacy characters like garbage, ready to be trashed or killed at a moment’s notice. I con only hope that Y&R finds an equally talented and name actress to still fill this role. How about Carmen Duncan (ex-Iris AW) or what is Robin Mattson doing right now? She would be fab as Nikki’s foil and try to steal Victor from her own daughter. Judi Evans? There are other possibilities out there. But I hope that Y&R fights for Finola because with that accent and poshness and style, she really could be a perfect fit for this role.

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    I think this criticism of ABC in this instance is completely unfounded.

    MYTH #1 – IF GUZA GAVE ANNA A MEANINGFUL STORY LINE, FINOLA WOULD STICK AROUND. First of all, Finola Hughes left General Hospital of her own accord. She has gone on to a measure of success in prime time with guest spots and currently has her own television show on Style Network. Every single time she is rumored to come back to GH or makes an appearance, according to HER it is always a question of whether or not she and GH can coordinate according to her schedule.

    There is this idea here that GH should be giving Ms. Hughes these huge, front burner story lines or writing deeply meaningful story arcs or any number of other things to take advantage of her phenomenal talent. I agree but only to a certain extent: those criticisms are tempered by the fact that Ms. Hughes only commits to a certain number of episodes and the writers have to literally shoehorn her into existing stories on a series that already has a number of story lines in full swing. So it kinda of makes sense for them to write some light hearted, fun fluff for her to dip in and out of at her leisure, which brings us to…

    MYTH #2 – ANNA HAS BEEN MISUSED WHICH IS WHY FINOLA CONSIDERED “JUMPING SHIP” TO Y&R. There is a rather huge disconnect between some fans’ criticisms of Anna’s mischaracterization and its relation to Ms. Hughes’ happiness with GH and Ms. Hughes’ estimation of same. Remember, if Ms. Hughes thought that Anna Devane was and is being horribly compromised, why would she keep coming back? She did the Markham Islands bit and the Eli Love bit and the recent drop in bit where FInola thought Anna wouldn’t have a problem being a granny and yet Ana certainly did. YET, FInola comes back for more (reportedly again with Eli Love & Noah Drake this summer).

    Whatever her private feelings may be, Ms. Hughes has expressed in a number of interviews that she’s had great fun doing these stints and (horrors!) she loves Guza. And why wouldn’t she? She comes and goes as she pleases. She’s not tied to a contract. She gets to play with some of her best friends for a little bit. And she gets a cute little paycheck in the bargain. It’s one of THE best recurring gigs in daytime, one in which the show bends over to accomodate the actress instead of the other way around. Which brings us to…

    MYTH #3 – ABC WAS “WRONG” TO “FORCE” FINOLA TO GIVE UP THE Y&R GIG. Newsflash: ABC & CBS are competitors. CBS scored a huge “get” with Ms. Hughes for her short-term Y&R gig, bringing publicity to that show and network. But ABC had already planned not only a storyline (no matter what you may think it might turn out to be) but an investment in Miss Hughes AND Rick Springfield’s appearances over the course of the summer. Why WOULD ABC not go to the mat to ask/pressure a big name actor to honor their prior commitment to the network and series that gave that actor the platform from which they launched their current sucessful careers?

    Fans seem to forget (or ignore) that serials are a business in and of themselves and the networks are fighting for every viewer they can get. There are instances of industry cooperation (the presentation of the daytime Emmys, for example) but in the day-to-day mucky muck, the networks are fiercely battling it out. ABC & CBS in particular have been at war that ignited a few years ago when CBS “stole” Roger Howarth from OLTL and ABC retaliated thereafter by snatching Laura Wright from GL. In that context, I can’t blame ABC for asking Ms. Hughes to honor her prior commitment to “GH” first and foremost. Had she not made that much publicized commitment, I doubt it would have been a big deal; after all she did appear on Sunset Beach in a short term role several years ago if I recall and nary a peep from ABC.

    MYTH #4 – Y&R WOULD HAVE REALIZED WHAT A FANTASTIC TALENT MS. HUGHES IS AND SIGNED HER LONG TERM SINCE GH HAS SO MISUSED HER. While that is nothing more than speculation, it’s not unheard of. The only problem with that is that Ms. Hughes would have to give up or radically alter the very contracts and commitments that she has NOW that keep her from signing a long term contract with GH, the show she keeps returning to over and over again.

    Bottom Line: This is all a game of business. Brian Frons is in the soap business. Barbara Bloom is in the soap business. And, God bless her for it, Finola Hughes is in the Finola Hughes business. That’s how all this boils down.

    If you want to talk about some real skeevy shiite on ABC’s part, how about soapnet.com deplorably repeating a Perez Hilton “outing” of a CBS daytime actor. THAT is really worth one’s contempt.

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    Fin didn’t leave GH of her own accord. Gloria Monty axed both Fin and Tristan during Gloria’s second stint as e.p.

    I stand corrected. My memory of that time is compromised because I wasn’t actually watching GH regularly at the time of the Faison/Anna/Robert boat explosion. I thought that Rogers and Hughes didn’t get along with Monty and wanted out and that’s why they left. Your knowledge tends to be impeccable and I trust your correction that they were let go.

    I stand behind the rest of it though. LOL

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    I don’t find what Perez did all that bad. The actor in question has never made any statement one way or the other. It may be shocking to some people, but there are many people, famous and otherwise, who never “announce” their homosexuality. It just is. I’m not upset because VH had his picture snapped with another guy. What’s different about that than every other two-bit hetero getting their picture snapped? He may not even be “protecting” his sexuality from discovery. If ABC wanted to use homosexuality allegations as a slur, then you’re right, they suck. Especially since obviously most daytime fans don’t think homosexuality is a the worst thing on earth. One of daytime’s most popular couples is gay. Soapnet is definitely going down the tubes anyway, with reality programming, useless celebrity shows and horrible Sunday night movies.

    These days I tend to think treating homosexuality as the great unmentionable makes everything worse for everyone because it helps to perpetuate discrimination by treating sexuality like a horrible disease. The argument for hiding is that it can damage an actor’s career. Sure. But the only way to fix a system where gay actors can’t get a fair shake is to have more disclosure, not less. It’s like the argument for free speech: the best argument against hateful speech is more speech, not suppression. Same rationale: the best argument against discrimination isn’t to discriminate more.

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    I love Finola and am looking forward to seeing her back on GH. The storylines could be a lot better, but I am glad that she is not in a mob story for a change. Otherwise, we’d never get a break.
    She should be free to do what she wants if she’s not on contract. Theoretically, fans from Y&R could have followed her over to GH. However, I am also glad that she is not going to be part of the big train wreck that is Victor & Sabrina. She deserves better.
    From what I recall, Finola left GH and they recast her for at least a few months. She was living in Mac’s house and then Faison got her. Don’t know the name of the actress but she was an ISA spy Gillian/ Jillian (maybe a twin?) on DAYS.
    I never could accept her as Anna.
    Kudos to Finola for juggling everything that she does…How Do I Look?, her QVC stuff, writing a book, her charitable work, soap stints, and her family, which includes a newly adopted baby.

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    Jamey Giddens

    Fin didn’t leave GH of her own accord. Gloria Monty axed both Fin and Tristan during Gloria’s second stint as e.p. Her brief returns in recent years have been cited as her having other committments, which to be fair to GH, they can’t exactly write her into an A. story if she isn’t prepared to commit for at least six month to a year.

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