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Here's the Scoop!  05.22.08


Jax returns home and tells Carly he went to see Brenda!  He explains that he needed Brenda's input as she has been involved in Sonny and Jason's world and he needed someone to talk to.  

Jason Thompson (Patrick) is filling in for All My Children's Cameron Mathison(Ryan) who was supposed to be throwing out the first pitch at a minor league baseball game in New Jersey. Cameron's schedule has forced him to cancel and Jason Thompson is filling in .  

Fanfic or Spoiler?You be the judge.  We haven't done one of these in awhile. You can pretty much bet all you own on a chemistry test for Maxie and the new character being played by Jason Cook.  RUMORS say that Maxie has one of her self destructive moments after gettting a little too close to Spinelli, the boy her sister was loving at the time of her death.  She'll hit a bar, possibly Jake's, and meet a stranger.  Much like Meredith and Derek's first meeting on Grey's Anatomy and what a shock the Junior Fashionista gets when she bumps into her one night stand at General Hospital the next day.  Fanfic or SPOILER?  You be the judge.  Hey, Grey's has used some GH storylines.


More rumblings about Jason Cook's character.  He is tied to someone on the canvas already however that link is RUMORED to not be revealed right away.  

The Spencer Family spends some time together.



Jason takes over the organization.


Mac finds Spinelli in Maxie's room!


The Jackal goes to the Goddess for advice on women.