Days of Our Lives: Tamara Braun OUT!

This summer, say so long to the Tamara Braun once again. The actress who currently plays troubled mafia princess Ava Vitale on Days of Our Lives and best known for the fiercely popular role of General Hospital’s own former mob moll turned hotel tycoon Carly Corinthos-Jacks.

According to the latest copy of Soap Opera Digest, the actress gives a wonderful interview on how she landed the well sought after role once vacated by original portrayer Sarah Brown (ex- Carly#1; Claudia GH) on GH then went on to land the role of bad boy Patch Johnson’s (Stephen Nichols) scorned lover and what she’ll be doing once her gig is up on Days. There isn’t a date on when Ms. Braun will exit but she will be missed.


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    Jamey Giddens

    Well it looks we have our first Writers’ Strike returnee heading back to (seemingly) greener pastures. I predict Becky Budig will be next. I hate to see Tams go but she was racking up some impressive primetime gigs pre-strike, here’s hoping she will land herself a cushy project soon!

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    Good. The Ava storyline was an atrocity, and she was just a one-note psychopath. (This is not a slam on Tamara, just a comment on how her character was written.)

    Ava lacked the depth and complexity of past crazy bitches like Kristen Blake, Vivian Alamain, and the real Sami Brady. As such, her role was severely marginalized and really hard to get into.

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    Just when I really started to like the character. I love Tamara, she is one of the best actors on TV! She will be missed and I hope they can talk her into staying.

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    She’s my favourite daytime actress!! I’ll miss her but will always support her in all her future projects. She’s such a talented actress that I doubt she’ll have any trouble finding more great jobs in the future.

    I’m a proud fan of Tams because of both her gifted acting abilities and amazing personality!

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