All My Children: Tad and Dixie’s Heavenly Reunion

Check out this Tad and Dixie’s "reunion" on All My Children. Now I realize that AMC is milking Cady McClain’s return for all it’s worth but now that we’ve actually seen a heavenly reunion between Tad and Dixie one has to wonder how long it will be before Dixie returns to Pine Valley alive and well. Didn’t Jesse have a heavenly reunion with Tad five to six years ago?

Now if it were `up to me, and it’s not, I’d figure out a way to bring back Gillian. The last time I liked Ryan was when he was with Gillian and not for nothing but wouldn’t it be great to have a little bit of nobility back in Pine Valley?

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    Ryan is NOTHING without his princess! I am praying that this is the beginning of Dixie’s comeback. It’s my 1 wish for AMC.

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    You know, my only prior serious watching of AMC coincided with the first run of Dixie. Even though I loved her more as Rosanna the first time (ugh!), it’s great watching Cady McClain as Dixie again.

    Even though it’s been enjoyable, I keep thinking “why aren’t they bringing her back from poison pancakes again?” AMC pretty much had no heart until they brought Angie and Jesse. Adding another character who adds heart and soul to that show can only be a good thing.

    I am dying for someone to leak the competing long-range storyline plans from the two sets of writers, aren’t you? That would make a great soap. I wonder what Frons hated about the E & B plan.

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    B&E aren’t a good fit for AMC. They were just adding to the garbage that McCrappish wrote. The only reason why the show has been good lately is because of Agnes Nixon’s input. I pray that Pratt’s long term plans include bringing Dixie back in the flesh.

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