Young and Restless: Elieen Davidson BACK!

Looks like the The Young and the Restless is pulling out the big guns once again!

TV Guide Canada’s reporting that Elieen Davidson (Ashley; Y&R/B&B) will be doing double duty when she swings by Genoa City and go head to head against Gloria (Judith Chapman) on  Y&R.

Look for Ash to show up on your TV screens June 19 andamp; 20. For more info check out Nelson Branco’s Suds Report.

Hmm.. Maybe Ash heard about Glo being down and out or maybe she’s not so keen on Gloria’s new residence that I reported on earlier this week…

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    Luke Kerr

    You know, if Eileen keeps having to do double duty on Y&R and B&B I don’t know why she just doesn’t go back to Days of Our Lives as Susan and Kristen…can you imagine how awesome that would be with EJ on the show? 

    However, if she is going to return to Y&R let it be full time and quite wasting her on B&B…she is pointless on B&B and I’m sure we can come up with much better crossovers that would have more of an impact.

    Speaking of which, what happened to Felecia’s s/l on Y&R?

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    With LML out, why is it taking so long to get her back to Y&R where she belongs? She doesn’t have any chemistry with Ridge, Rick or Nick. Come home Ash…and stay! Plus, it’s an all you can eat Gloria buffet!

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