One Life to Live: Llanview “View”

Fresh from a weeks vacation (kind of) in an isolated location where no television meant  eight straight days with NO SOAPS, Eye On Soaps writer and Daytime Confidential podcast co-host Belinda shares with you her return columns commentary on her favorite daytime sudser; One Life to Live.

"When I returned to civilization (and sanity), the first thing I did was watch the current episodes of our beloved (be-hated?) ABC soaps and I was most shocked to find how much I liked what I saw!

Man, oh man, I missed this show. This one. I know I feel like I’m cheating on General Hospital but I just can’t help it. I am really jazzed looking forward to a bottle of wine and an all night One Life to Live marathon. Meanwhile, for the first time I like Jared. Cops taking him away, finally I feel him. I also liked Natalie with Charlie and Roxy. Charlie & Roxy could have some chemistry if they decided to play things that way. How sweet would it be top off this show with Roxy getting an old fashioned, slow building love story? Viki could take the loss. She’s going to have her hands full with Tessica if I hear things right anyway!

The break up scene with Rex and Adrianna is by far my favorite thing I have ever seen from them; BY FAR. I was slightly irritated at Nora’s sanctimonious attitude at the Gannon Spread (doesn’t have the same ring as Buchanan Spread nor does Cramer Enterprises sound as grand as Buchanan Enterprises, in my opinion.) How dare Nora act as if she hasn’t been on the other side of a scandalous act? I’m not sure I like Nora anymore. She has become one irritating wench.

I really am impressed with all of the closure and growth I’m watching in the characters on all three soaps. Things like Marcie so bravely closing the drawer with the picture in it and going to try to be a friend to Adriana. Blair and her mothers revealing chat… it all really bodes well for things to come. I’m practically a cock-eyed optimist right now. It’s definitely a mood swing I am not normally going through.

I believe I have mentioned that I didn’t want to be invested in the Starr and Cole story in a column where I said “Damn you, Ron Carlivati” for dragging me into this one! (or something close to that) it is still true, but Starr’s intelligent and heart wrenching discussion with her mother about being pregnant touched a few of my heart strings. I hate it that I love this story! Cole’s naively thinking that he gets to be a father like the one he wanted, at his age and under these circumstances and without the knowledge that Starr hasn’t decided to keep this baby, apparently, is very touching for me. I saw the promos for the “original” returns. I am really looking forward to this! It’s like freakish!

Don’t break my heart, Ron, seriously, I mentioned how fickle us fans are didn’t I? I know that people are counting on you not to screw this up but I’m the tough broad at this high school musical revue (call me Rizzo-diva today) and I’m from Missouri so you still have to “show me”. "

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    I love this show!!!! I come home every night and I have to watch it, I have not had that with a soap in a long time. I mean AMC is trying to get back to its roots right now, so I am cheering them BUT OLTL is at the top of its game now! Every character is being put to use, the only complaint I have is that RJ is not on my screen enough! Thank you OLTL for showing us what a real soap can do!!!!!!!!!!  I can’t wait to see Sarah’s face and everyone else when they realize Tina Lord is back in town! 

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    I’m with you, Belinda. I am hoping that Ron does the returns of Marty & Tina justice. I was so shocked to learn that Marty’s real name is Martha. I hadn’t known that. For some reason, it helps to know a characters birth name so that I can connect with them. I had always liked Marty, but I feel closer to her now.

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    Like so many others, I am LOVING OLTL!!

    There’s a great balance of plot-driven story points (BE takeover, Nash’s death, Marty’s Alive) and character driven stories and scenes. Blair’s scenes with Starr are so touching, Marcie’s heartbreak (I can just see the pain in KB’s eyes), Starr and Cole talking about their future, Rex and Adriana’s break-up, Bo/Rex scenes, Charlie/Jared scenes…these are basically just people talking, but it’s still riveting to watch.

    Kudos to Ron and TPTB at the show and network for presumably allowing him to tell the stories he wants to tell, the way he wants to tell them!!

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    Agreeing with just about everyone here (a rarity, I know!)

    What I find extremely interesting after reading Belinda’s blog entry is how much better she seems to be enjoying the shows after having had no access to them for a while and (presumably) without benefit of major, specific spoilers for the particular episodes in question.

    In the current climate of soap fandom among those who have an opinion and an internet connection, we’ve developed this tendency to filter, judge and nitpick our shows on a show by show, scene by scene, hairstyle by hairstyle basis. And that in turn has contributed to our (and yes, I include myself in this despite my efforts to fight against it) diminishing appreciation of long term storytelling in favor bits of business and snappy lines of dialogue.

    Of course, I speaking in broad terms and not trying to include every one in this assessment, but I think there is a lot of truth in it in an age of non-stop spoilers and sneak previews.


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    Okay DS9Sisko, you’re actually reading my mind. Since I made the decision to watch OLTL daily (as opposed to on and off), I also decided to try and go as spoil free as possible.

    I realized that not knowing specifics (like how Nash was going to die) made me enjoy it all the more. It did take me back to a simpler time when I just watched shows w/o having such a critical eye, w/o spoilers, w/o backstage info (like whose contracts were up, etc) and just allowed myself to get sucked into the stories.

    So with OLTL, I’m trying to get back to my “roots” as a soap opera fan and going as cold turkey as I can with spoilers. Though there’s no way I can stay away from commenting on boards, because I’ve learned that sharing my delight/disgust w/ others is so much fun and in some ways enhances my viewing pleasure (because other fans always help me to see things from a different perspective.) That said, I am going to try and be less nitpicky and just try to enjoy the good things more.

    Of course, I can’t do this with GH because I’m addicted to rmcosu’s spoilers!! :D

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    Regan Cellura

    So if I started doing OLTL Spoilers, you wouldn’t read them Daisy? LOL.  Once I get enough OLTL back under my belt, I will be doing spoilers.  I don’t think it’ll be daily like GH but at least once a week.

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    How thrilling it is to log back on and read such thoughtful and interesting comments about my View. I very much appreciate everyone who reads my work but you guys really are the best!

    I do believe that my having been away from all soap input definately inhanced my soap watching enjoyment. No doubt about it. At one time I tried to be spoiler free for that very reason but I just could not do it. I love the online community too much and one just can not be active in the online soap community and not read the spoilers. They are every where! Add to that that they are addictive and how much I love to read rmcosu’s as well as the Eye On Soaps spoilers (they do a great job as well and also haveOLTL & AMC).

    The truth is I stay away from most OLTL and AMC spoilers and I believe that how much I am enjoying the one (and hoping to enjoy the other again) has very much to do with that. Since the spoilers are a fact of my life as they are most of them and our ability to comment scene by scene or hairstyle by hairstyle really does color the way we experience the shows. I deal some times better than others.

    For me I always wonder if the way we analyze and dissect every spoiler isn’t part of our disenchantment with GH. Long before an event airs there are discussions, heated debates, flame wars (not on our forums of course) and the scenes have been thoroughly rode hard before we ever lay eyes on one second of them. Some of you may have noticed I TRY not to do that and definately attempt in my column to comment on WHAT HAS AIRED and what I thought of it instead of what is said to be coming and how I expect I will feel about that if this happens or that plays out. It is just a personal choice for me. I never pursue spoilers for my favorite prime time shows either!

    Anyway! I do love and support our lovely spoiler guru, rmcosu and will no doubt toy with her spoilers if they do cover the other shows in the future and just deal with the way it changes my perspective as it happens. It is too big a part of my loving experience to leave behind even if I do note that it changes the way i enjoy the shows. It is a brave new world! LOL.

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